Welcome, Hummingbird Wholesale!

MilkRun is proud to announce that we are now featuring products from Hummingbird Wholesale. We love Hummingbird’s vision to not be satisfied until farming in Oregon and the West Coast (and then the world) is 100% organic and sustainable. This is why they started the #OrganicOregon #OrganicWorld campaign which ensures that at least 1% of their annual profits go toward organic research, educational programs for farmers and trade partners, and to organizations focused on creating healthy, Organic food systems and communities.

Hummingbird is passionate about sustainability. Have you heard of sustainability insetting? Insetting means that they reinvest back into a more sustainable supply chain: what they call Distributor Supported Agriculture. This means that they invest in more fuel efficient, low-emission vehicles, more sustainable packaging, food system infrastructure through their buildings, incubator kitchens, and support farmers by providing education, support, and fair returns for their products. They take sustainability seriously by delivering to Eugene area stores on their cargo tricycles.

Cargo tricycles in action

If you’re curious to check out some of the best products that Hummingbird has to offer, click here to shop on MilkRun!

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