Farmers Markets with Chefs: Staffan Terje, Perbacco

The San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
with Staffan Terje, Perbacco

Staffan Terje is executive chef and owner of Perbacco and Barbacco restaurants in San Francisco’s Financial District. He’s fortunate to have the amazing San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market just half a mile from his restaurants. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Staffan wheels his cart to the market and collects vegetables, fruit, herbs and other interesting ingredients for his menu. Sometimes it takes two or three cart loads to get everything he purchases. The menus at Perbacco and Barbacco change frequently and are always influenced by what is available from the farmers and producers. Staffan is also on the board of CUESA (Center for Urban Education of Sustainable Agriculture) which is the non profit that manages the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and its educational programs.

“The farmers dictate our menu” – Staffan Terje, Perbacco

Last weekend the LETumEAT crew visited the Saturday morning farmers market with Staffan. Karl Holl and Jimmy Serlin of the LETumEAT crew were once chef de cuisine and sous chef at Perbacco restaurant and know Staffan and his great farmer relationships well. The Saturday morning market visit is especially important because what comes from the market that day sets the momentum for the restaurant menus for the week.

We had a great time cruising around with Staffan – he moves quickly and efficiently, from his route to the market, to his path around the Ferry Building, it’s clear he’s done it hundreds of times.

Some of Staffan’s favorite stands at the market are:
Brooks and Daughters (sprouts)
Hamada Farms (stone fruit, grapes, persimmons, dried fruit, citrus)
Kashiwase Farms (stone fruit)
K&J Orchards (pears, apples, pomegranates, persimmons)
White Crane Springs Ranch (greens, herbs, flowers)
Marin Roots Farm (greens, herbs, squash)
Dirty Girl Produce (alliums, cauliflower, strawberries)

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