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The Let Um Eat Collective

The Let Um Eat Collective is a network of farmers, foragers, chefs, butchers, makers, food advocates and fans that we call Seeders, Feeders + Eaters.

Our goal is to promote, educate, inspire and connect members of the Collective in our local and national food system by sharing stories, experiences and resources.

With connections made online and through Let Um Eat events, local farmers have found new business with chefs in their area; they’ve joined forces with other farms to share resources like equipment and feed. Chefs have been successful in locating and sourcing the ingredients they need from nearby farms in the Collective. And Eaters have supported and enjoyed the fruits of everyone’s labor.

Follow the stories of members of the Collective and the good food movement through www.letumeat.com, our Instagram, Facebook and social accounts.


The Let Um Eat Crown


Members of The Collective wear the Let Um Eat crown with pride because it represents what it means to grow, prepare and eat good food. It is a symbol that unites the hardworking people of this movement: from the Seeder who cultivates the soil, to the Feeder who places it on the plate, down to every last Eater, we are all in this together.

Are you a Seeder or Feeder? Contact us to request a Let Um Eat hat!

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  1. Stephanie Stevens
    February 20, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    Learned about you on The Chef & The Farmer. Have always had a garden and love good, fresh food! Would love a hat to wear proudly!

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