Recipe: Beet Cured Salmon

This week we are taking a trip to Carlton, OR for the Harvest Dinner at Soter Vineyards on Sunday, September 28. We are preparing Beet Cured Salmon as an hors d’oeuvre, served on a rye cracker with dill crema and beet pickles. The wild king salmon is from our local purveyor Northwest Fresh Fish in Newberg, OR. The beets, dill flowers and fennel flowers are from Mineral Springs Ranch, which is the biodynamic farm at Soter Vineyards.

Beet Cured Salmon


1 side of salmon (wild King) (about 4 lbs)
1 med-lg red beet (grated)
1 little handful of dill flowers
1 little handful of fennel flowers
3-4 marigold flowers
1.5 cups salt
1.5 cups sugar
a good bit of cracked black pepper


Buy a side of salmon or catch it yourself
Clean off any scales from the skin and give the whole thing a pat dry
Pull out pin bones
Take all other ingredients and run it in the Cuisinart until combined
Pack the salmon with the resulting paste and refrigerate for 3-4 days until firm
Every night before bed spoon the liquid (that has released from the salmon) back over it
Rinse with cold water and let air dry in the fridge over night
Slice as thin as possible and serve!


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