Bone Broth: Food as Medicine

What we choose to eat can have a substantial impact on the way we feel. Food is not only essential to our survival, it can be a form of medicine. 

Our friends at Joule Crafted Nutrition, certainly subscribe to this philosophy. Joule, a cafe in Portland, OR, is the product of a collaboration between a nutritionist, Marne Minard, and chef, Paul Arnold. They offer a lengthy menu of delicious and nutritious food options, including one of the best bone broths you are likely to find! 

Joule Free-Range Bone Broth
A full-strength chicken bone broth as jam-packed with nutrients as it is delicious.

The Joule bone broth is a full-strength chicken broth that is elimination-diet friendly. The base of the broth relies on the chicken parts from Trent Family Farms, a beloved egg supplier to both Joule and MilkRun. For flavor and pizazz, Joule adds fresh turmeric and ginger to their broth as well.  This also ensures the tasty liquid is armed with wonderful anti-inflammatory properties!

You can add it to your next MilkRun delivery here. It is wonderful on its own and equally lovely for holiday gravies and stuffings!

So, what’s so great about bone broth?

The idea of food being a form of medicine is an ancient concept, but in our modern-day world full of fast and processed food, it’s sometimes forgotten what a big impact the quality of ingredients can have on our bodies.

Bone broth is a variation of other stocks and broths. To make it requires the collagen and marrow-rich bones, knuckles, and joints of animals. These ingredients contain an excellent supply of essential nutrients like key vitamins, minerals, and of course collagen, which is made up of essential amino acids. These nutrients are vital for keeping the connective tissue in the skin, joints, ligaments, and areas around the organs healthy and operating at their best. 

Whether you are in it for the health benefits or the unbelievable flavor, the free-range bone broth is sure to impress! 

Drink it straight up or use it in soups, gravies, and more.  Eat well, feel good, friends!