Paul Losch, Ruddick/Wood


The Feeder:

Paul Losch, Ruddick/Wood

Established: 2013

What They Feed:

locally focused, seasonal, new-American fare in a casual restaurant and tavern – in a renovated 1920s garage in downtown Newberg

Seeders & Feeders They Support:

Our Table Cooperative, Gathering Together Farm, Vibrant Valley Farm, deNoble Farm, Misty Mountain Mushrooms, Baird Orchards, Jered Fisher, Eat Oregon First, Groundwork Organics, Sunshower Hill Farm, NW Fresh Seafood, Extracto Coffee, Nicky USA

Their Story:

Paul grew up in Pennsylvania and decided at a young age to start cooking: his first restaurant job was at the age of 13. He went to the CIA at Hyde Park and did his externship at Jean Georges’ Vong in London, which was his first exposure to working “in the brigade”. Paul spent some time out of the kitchen, working odd jobs around Colorado before moving to New York City and helping to open a string of 5 different restaurants as sous chef and chef de cuisine. With the urge to get out of the big city, he visited Portland on the recommendation of a friend and was making the move 2 months later. After spending a few years working at a wine bar in the Pearl District and then at DOC in Portland, Paul decided it was time to start working on his own thing. He wanted to get out of the city and live a little closer to where the food was coming from in the Willamette Valley. His dream was to own a small-town, off-the-beaten-path gem, much like he’d seen and enjoyed as a boy in Pennsylvania. Paul responded to a Craigslist ad by Kyle Lattimer, who intended on opening a restaurant in a once 1920s garage-turned jiu-jitsu studio on the main drag of Newberg, but needed a partner to helm the kitchen and develop the concept. That was in February 2013 and by November the pair had raised $25,000 through Kickstarter, demo’ed and renovated the entire place (including taking out the ceiling “just for fun”), secured permits and opened the first half of the space as a tavern. By April 2014 the dining room opened for business as well.

The goal with Ruddick/Wood is to create and serve food that Paul and Kyle like themselves, is accessible to the masses and the community of Newberg, and supports the local farmers, craft brewers, distillers and producers. The name Ruddick/Wood honors two families that lived in the Newberg area long ago and had a vision for what the downtown business area would become. Ruddick/Wood has a solid core group of regular diners and a tight-knit staff. Paul and Kyle take their cooks and servers out on field trips to visit the farms and places where their ingredients and products are coming from.
It’s all about the story and the intention behind the food and drink, and you can tell.

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