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It is no secret we live in a world and represent a generation that is facing unique challenges that we couldn’t have prepared for. The conveniences of today’s world have left us more isolated and we are challenged with the ability to be close to the land that feeds us; our knowledge of food and where it comes from has been virtually lost. At least there seems to be a rising awareness that this is wrong.

More and more people are becoming engaged, or at least trying to. They want to have better relationships with the individuals who grow, prepare and eat their food. But there is still no centralized place, nowhere that ideas can be shared, people can learn and connect with each other in a quality way.

As a group of friends each at our own crossroads on how to next contribute to the greater food movement we found ourselves asking: how do we change the world and engage & attract the minds of billions, especially our younger generation?

Can one group of people really impact something so great? We are inclined to say no, nobody can do it alone. But we CAN do it by bringing together an already established, passionate and real community of people that ARE doing it and growing from there.

Together we’ve realized a few things:

  • There are many amazing people who are doing the right thing out there and their stories should be shared
  • Change will not be successful without the knowledge and support of an entire community
  • Like-minded people want to connect to each other
  • Among all of this there are no lack of stories and experiences to share on a daily basis

So we are on a mission to create an online community of Seeders (Farmers), Feeders (Chefs & Artisan Producers) and Eaters (People who Eat!) that we call The Collective. Our goal is to connect, educate, inspire and inform the various characters in our local and national food system by sharing stories, experiences and resources.

As the Collective we can make a difference.

Join the Collective.

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