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One Fork Farm, Carlton, OR

One Fork Farm, Carlton, OR

Seeders: Jessica & David Herzog, One Fork Farm

The Farm: 23 acres – mixed wood forest and south-sloping pasture – West of Carlton

Established: 2014

What They Seed: heritage breed meat rabbits (Standard Chinchilla, American Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Red New Zealand, Champagne d’Argent), sheep (Katahdin & Dorpers) and laying hens

What They Feed: handmade caramels

Seeders and Feeders They Support: Ruhl Bee Supply, Jacobsen Salt Co, Eastside Distilling, Tea Chai Te, Farmers Cooperative Creamery, Alpenrose Dairy

Where You Can Find Them:
Farmers Markets: Portland Saturday Market (Saturday)
Retail: Various Intel Campus Cafes, Ruhl Bee Supply, Tea Chai Te, Eastside Distilling, Red Hills Market, Made Here PDX
Online: Shop One Fork Farm
Events: Find One Fork Farm

Feeders They Supply:
Restaurants: Henry’s Diner

Their Story:
Jessica and David are the new owners of a beautiful 23 acre property about 8 miles west of Carlton, OR. Both Jessica and David grew up in Oregon: Jessica on a farm in Molalla where they raised livestock and David in Hubbard. David pursued a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a focus on the wine industry. Both David and Jessica found themselves working at the Carlton winery Cana’s Feast. Jessica was mainly in the tasting room, while David both worked in the tasting room and in the kitchen. It was the experience at Cana’s Feast that helped them realize their own appreciation and passion for quality, locally-sourced food.
With the desire to gain experience and explore beyond their home state of Oregon, David and Jessica applied for an apprenticeship through MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association). They landed on the coast of Maine, managing the 150 acre Darthia Farm. Darthia Farm was very diverse, growing organic vegetables and animals, attending farmers markets and having 25 member CSA, and their own on-farm stand. Jessica and David learned a lot over the course of the season they were there, including how much they loved and missed Oregon. They returned home to start their own farm and be closer to their family now that they were also starting family of their own. In June 2014 they purchased what is now One Fork Farm. With their two children Katarina and Oren, they are raising sheep, rabbits, chickens and llamas and selling beautiful handmade caramels. David and Jessica have big plans to expand their operations, put in a full commercial kitchen, raise more animals and eventually build a place where people can come and visit, meet the animals and enjoy products from the farm.

“The hardest part of selling rabbit is that everyone thinks they’re cute”


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