Neversink Spirits, Port Chester, NY

Neversink Spirits

The Feeder:

Neversink Spirits

Established: 2015

What They Feed:

small batch spirits: Brandy from NY apples & pears, Whiskey & Gin to be released in 2016

Where You Can Find Them:

Farmers Markets: Larchmont, NY (Saturdays May to December), Chelsea, NY (Saturdays June to December), Park Slope, NY (Sunday, January to April)
Retail: NY, NJ & CT

Feeders They Supply:
NY Bars & Restaurants: Cookshop (NYC), Wassail (NYC), Grazin’ Tribeca (NYC), Achilles Heel (Brooklyn), Flatbush Farm (Brooklyn), The Good Fork (Brooklyn), Diamond Dogs (Queens), The Cookery (Dobbs Ferry), RiverMarket (Tarrytown), and many more.

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“As we are all partners in the Food Cycle, we have a mutual interest in seeing the other businesses succeed. We all come from the same place and want to create good things and see each other be successful in doing it”
“Our heart and souls go into the production of the brandy and our focus is on quality.”

Seeders & Feeders That Inspire: Uncouth Vermouth, Aaron Burr Cidery


Their Story:

Neversink Spirits was founded by two long-time friends with a passion for spirits, wine, food, and nature. Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino grew up together in Westchester County, NY. They both became interested in fermentation and with their scientific backgrounds (Noah went to school for physiology, while Yoni studied biology) began experimenting with beer and cider making, which eventually led them to distilling spirits.

The two were already considering starting a business in food or wine when the laws in New York state changed to allow for micro-distilleries, which piqued their interest as a possible venture. Noah and Yoni were inspired to make fruit-based spirits because they wanted to do something that was representative of their home state, which has a long history of growing apples. They were both really into eau de vies (unaged fruit spirits) that are popular in Europe, but lesser known and rarely produced in the United States, which they saw as an opportunity to create a potentially unique product.
Neversink Spirits
In 2012, Noah and Yoni linked up with Camp Roads Farm and Kent Falls Brewing Company and created The Food Cycle. As a collective, The Food Cycle shares resources, collaborates and creates a virtuous loop where the farm grows inputs for the brewery and distillery and subsequently their by-products are returned to the farm and reused as animal feed and compost.

Apples are the cornerstone of Neversink Spirits’ production. In 2012, through a grassroots effort from volunteers and friends, they planted over 350 apple trees on Camps Road Farm, located in Kent, CT. Noah and Yoni selected over 15 varieties of apples, all rare heirloom varietals that produce excellent cider and brandies. Varieties include: Kingston Black, Dabinett, Baldwin, Geneva Crab, Liberty, NY 35 (aka Bonkers) and Hudson’s Golden Gem.

In 2014, Noah & Yoni found a 2800 square foot warehouse in Port Chester, NY, near the border of Connecticut, and began the construction for the distillery. (They chose NY due to the liquor & distribution laws and to be closer to their apple farms). By 2015 they were licensed and ready to start making booze.

The distillery consists of 7000 L of cold fermentation tank capacity and a 500 L pot & column still. Neversink currently produces an apple brandy, aged apple brandy and pear brandy, using fruit from New York orchards.
Neversink Spirits
As a small, start-up distillery with no employees, Noah and Yoni do everything themselves, with the support of their partners at The Food Cycle. They distill and then self-distribute to a great number of bars, restaurants and liquor stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. They also sample and sell their spirits at a few New York farmers markets.

In 2017 Neversink is expecting their first significant harvest from the Camps Road Farm trees, with which they will make an estate brandy. In the meantime, their plans are to continue to grow slowly and maintain the high quality of their products.

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