Mosaic Farms, Philomath, OR

Mosaic Farms


Mosaic Farms

Established: 2010

The Farm: 150 acres in Philomath


What They Seed:

affordable, locally grown & sourced, non-GMO hog & chicken feed. Milled on the farm and available in 50 lb bags or 1 ton bulk bags


Where You Can Find Them:

On Farm: call ahead to make an appointment for pick up

Seeders They Supply:
Farmers and like-minded people in WA and OR who want to provide a high quality, honest, safe, non-GMO feed to their livestock

Their Story:

Chris Hansen grew up on his family farm in Rogue River, Oregon where they farmed alfalfa, grass, hay and cattle. He went to the University of Oregon and earned his B.S. in Psychology and Philosophy in 2003. After college Chris worked with a non-profit group The Post Carbon Institute to study the effects of peak oil and agriculture. When asked what inspires him, initially it was Joel Salatin. Now he draws his inspiration from people, climate change and how we can come together as a community to improve the agricultural system.
Mosaic Farms
In 2010 Chris started the Mosaic Farms on 150 acres, raising pigs using a rotational pasture system and animal welfare production model. He worked in conjunction with nearby Gathering Together Farm, moving the pigs through spent plots of vegetables, rooting and fertilizing the fields. He also contributed the pig manure to Gathering Together Farm’s organic composting program, which happens to be the second largest of its kind in Oregon. In 2013 Chris built the first version of his current feed mill in the back of the barn. While it may have been small and crude, it has since been revised and tweaked three major times to what it is today. Over this time, Chris was testing different feed formulas to find the right recipes and the desired flavorful results in finishing his pork, chicken and eggs.

Chris no longer raises hogs but is now concentrating his efforts on milling and providing the highest quality non-GMO hog, chicken grower and layer feeds. He sources as locally as possible, with 65% of the ingredients coming from within 25 miles of the farm, the remaining from around the Willamette Valley. And he’s had great results with his formulas!

Chris stays away from corn and soy as the base of the feed due to their GMO profiles. Instead he uses wheat and peas as the base along with camelina meal (for its high omega-3 content) and rice bran. “This creates a regionally unique taste and a more fully developed flavor to the meat as well as a much cleaner hard fat to render and cure.”

The LET um EAT farmers can attest to that, as happy and loyal customers, our American Guinea Hogs raised on 100% Mosaic Farms feed and pasture turned out truly remarkable. Their charcuterie was amazing and the rendered lard was clearer and cleaner than canola oil. The chicken grower/broiler feed, as well as the layer feed, create rich, flavorful eggs and birds.

Chris prides himself on providing a high quality, honest and affordable product with great customer service. All of his business has come through word of mouth and his small website.

“If people in the Pacific Northwest are hoping to produce local, non-GMO livestock, they eventually find Mosaic Farms.”

Farmers come from all corners of Oregon and Washington to his little mill in Philomath. The high quality and price point are a solid combination in today’s competitive feed market, and it’s local! Chris has a strong supply chain and network of a lot of farmers that he interacts with and all believe in him and his product.

Advice to New Farmers:
Find a niche and fill that niche.
Never sacrifice on quality or customer service because that’s what will keep them coming back.

“There is a sense of activism and connectivity in what we do because ecological livestock production responds positively to many issues within our food system.”
“It’s great to see and meet the community of people who want non-GMO and also respects their farms and animals as part of the larger farm ethics movement.”


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