Farm Fresh Grocery Delivery Service Milkrun Sees Incredible Success in Portland Market

Since coming out of beta in December 2018, MilkRun has seen 300% increase in total monthly order counts, a 300% increase in total monthly revenue and 500% increase in monthly signups.

After a great year in Portland, the company is setting sights on additional cities, next up: Seattle

June 12, 2019 —Portland, Oregon—MilkRun, the company bringing local farmers and hungry consumers together, shared today that the company will be moving into the Seattle area as its next territory. The company also announced that it’s adding additional delivery days for its Portland customers as well as shared some of its success and growth numbers.

MilkRun acts as a bridge from local producers (farmers, bakers, butchers, and more) to consumers’ front doors. MilkRun’s online marketplace enables customers to buy food directly from local producers (within 24 hours of harvest, with bread baked fresh on delivery morning). MilkRun aggregates the order and delivers it right to the doorstep.

Since coming out of beta in December 2018, MilkRun has seen 300% increase in total monthly order counts, a 300% increase in total monthly revenue and 500% increase in monthly signups.

Customers can fill up a virtual “basket” from the products listed by farmers and producers on the MilkRun webpage, then select a preferred delivery day. From there, farmers, bakers, and butchers bring their goods to a micro-depot. MilkRun aggregates the products to fulfill customers orders. It takes precise coordination and a powerful backend, but for MilkRun customers, it’s a very simple process. You shop the aisles of their online grocery store, then the food arrives at your house.

On the back end, MilkRun pays farmers to deliver directly to customers, which means additional income on top of the payout MilkRun pays its participating farmers, which is 3x the amount of the national average (an avg of 10% is what farmers are typically paid). MilkRun has also built its own software to manage micro-hub inventory and determine farmers’ delivery routes. They provide farmers with a MilkRun navigation app that lets them know exactly where to drop off which orders. MilkRun is the only platform handling the end-to-end management in this way that is beneficial to both the consumer and the farmer.

Due to the overwhelming success MilkRun is seeing in Portland, the company plans to roll out a pilot program in Seattle, launch its mobile app, and expand the Portland Market’s delivery to 4 delivery days a week by the end of 2019.

“Other companies have tried and failed to change the industrial food complex because they know how to sell to customers but find that managing and aggregating from farms is difficult. These other software companies eventually realize that food is based primarily in distribution and logistics, and that’s a much different problem than other types of scalable B2B software. That realization often comes too late,” said Julia Niiro, Co-Founder and CEO of MilkRun. “It’s different for us — we have a deep knowledge of and experience working with food, as well as a personal connection to the community of suppliers who need to be bought in to make something like this work. If we didn’t build this for the farmers and producers we work with, we wouldn’t be able to disrupt an industry… and we are doing just that.”

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MilkRun is changing the way that local farmers and producers provide food to their communities. We connect with small producers — farmers, bakers, butchers, and makers — and deliver what they grow and make directly to your doorstep. With our online marketplace, we’ve made it easy for you to browse the aisles and pick what you want to eat — then we bring it right to you.

We believe that by making local food shopping simpler, and local food growing and logistics more efficient, we can achieve a pretty amazing result: develop an alternative to today’s global food system that is better for the people eating it and growing it.

Radically Local Groceries, Delivered.

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