Effective immediately, all MilkRun deliveries will require a $35 minimum order amount.

Why are we adding a delivery minimum?

  1. Public safety.
    It is in all of our best interest to limit deliveries to our homes during this time. If at all possible, we encourage you to order all of your MilkRun groceries for delivery on one day each week.
  2. Serve more people.
    We can only make a certain number of deliveries each week. By having a delivery minimum, we’ll be able to make room for others in our delivery schedule.
  3. For the farmers.
    As spring harvests begin while restaurants are still closed, our farmers need MilkRun’s orders to be bigger than ever. Farmers receive 70 cents of every dollar you spend with MilkRun compared to the 10 cents they receive when you buy from other grocery services. When you shop with MilkRun, you’re helping make sure farmers survive this crisis.

What does this mean for you?

If your only order through MilkRun is your weekly subscription order, this won’t affect you at all.

If you’re a weekly subscription customer that likes to place a second or third order each week to add things to your delivery, just make sure you order before the cutoff time of for your delivery day and select your delivery day at checkout. Because your subscription is at least $35, you can place as many other orders as you like for any amount as long as it’s for the same delivery day.

If you don’t have a subscription but you like to place lots of little orders throughout the week, just make sure that your first order each week is for at least $35 and that you pick the same delivery day every time you place an order.

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