What is MilkRun?

MilkRun is a new system of local food distribution – from the farm to your doorstep. We’ve designed an alternative to today’s global food system that is better for the people eating it and growing it, bringing better, fresher food to you and your family.

MilkRun is an Entirely New Concept

MilkRun is a company whose focus is changing the way that local farmers and producers provide food to their communities. We connect with small producers — farmers, bakers, butchers, and makers — and deliver what they grow and make directly to your doorstep. Our online marketplace makes it easy for people to browse the aisles and pick what they want to eat — then we deliver it directly to their doorstep.

MilkRun runs on a decentralized distribution model in which the people who grow our food, who run farms outside of the city or bakeries that don’t have access to easy distribution, can list their products through our website, deliver what customers order each week, drop off (or have us pick up) food at our central hub in the city, and then we handle aggregating orders so radically fresh, local groceries can get delivered directly to doorsteps in and around the city.

The technology is available, we just harnessed it to help our farmers grow.

We believe that by making local food shopping simpler, and local food growing and logistics more efficient, we can achieve a pretty amazing result: develop an alternative to today’s global food system that is better for the people eating it and growing it.

A New System of Local Food Distribution.

Milkrun’s decentralized distribution model puts money in the pockets of hardworking farmers and brings better, fresher food to you and your family. We’re using technology to orchestrate a new, local supply chain and we’re building a network of local markets that will scale across the country.

Now, we work with hundreds of producers to provide the absolute best quality food directly to people’s doorsteps. What if you could open your front door and talk to your farmers about food when they drop it off at your house? That sounds nice, so we’re making it happen.

The goal has always been to cut out the middleman driving food (an average of) 1,500 miles across the country down. That’s the national average! 1,500 miles! We’ve cut our footprint down to a 35 mile average and actually pay farmers for their labor.

Today, less than 10% of the price of the food you buy in a grocery store actually goes back to the farmer who grew it. We developed a system where our farmers get 70%. Without the burden of an unnecessarily complex supply-chain bogging us down, we can cut out delivery and subscription fees and get money into the hands of the people who feed us.

Vehicle Emissions are the single largest contributor to air pollution in the United States. Cars and trucks combined emit one-fifth of the country’s total air pollution. Imagine the positive environmental impact if every major city cut down 1,500 miles of food delivery to 35! That would be a 97.7% decrease in delivery vehicle emissions. It’s hard to imagine but it’s totally possible.

We’re not a collective, not a subscription service, and definitely not exclusive. MilkRun is here to help you connect to your food community — it already exists, we’re just delivering it to you.

How Did MilkRun Start?

After experiencing what it was like to start her own farm, our founder and CEO Julia Niiro designed the kind of marketplace and distribution system she would have liked to have access to — an efficient and profitable way to sell locally produced goods directly to customers (and chefs) in the city.

So she teamed up with some farmer friends to try distributing their products. Julia made her first deliveries to a group of preschool teachers that she took orders from on a sheet of paper with no infrastructure at all and brought them grocery staples in her van.

Less than two years later, MilkRun has grown into a full distribution system with over 3,000 customers in the great Portland, Oregon area.

The MilkRun Promise.

MilkRun’s food and products are locally grown and made. There are no subscriptions, delivery fees, or minimum orders.

  • Produce within 24 hours of harvest.
  • Bread baked fresh this morning.
  • Meats straight from your butcher.

Ready for a Better Future?

We’re currently serving the greater Portland area. Soon, we’ll be working with farmers all over the country.