Grilling Times for Meat

How long does it take to cook a Bratwurst on a grill?

You want to give the bratwurst ample time to cook but enough heat to make sure the casing gets snappy and crisp — with sausages, what you don’t want is to end up with a shriveled, wrinkled dry tube or a blown-out mess. Here’s the trick — hot heat most of the time. If you keep sausages near the middle of your grill (make sure you’ve set your grill up with two zones), you’ll get the hotter direct heat and the softer indirect heat at the same time.

Keep the sausages toward the middle, but not over the center of the coals. Flip them often so you don’t burst the casing but get a nice, brown, crisp exterior. Take it slow! Brats like medium-low heat (300-350 degrees) and it’ll take around 20 minutes to hit that desired internal temperature of 150 degrees. When you pull ‘em off the grill, give them a couple minutes to rest!

How long should I cook Pork Tenderloin?

Pork tenderloin is great — it’s juicier and heartier than chicken breast while still remaining lean, and when you slice it into fanned out coins on a plate or platter, it’s elegant and delicious!

And it’s easy to grill. Put it directly over the hot coals for a few minutes on each side so it gets a nice char and grill lines (you’ve gotta impress ‘em with those grill lines!) and then transfer to the indirect heat side of your grill to cook through to 145° before you remove it. Let it rest for 8-10 minutes before you slice in.

How many minutes does it take to cook a Ribeye?

Ribeyes are a highly marbled, rich, classic steak cut. Well known as one of the best, most flavorful cuts of beef available, the ribeye is often referred to as the “beauty steak.” You’ll know why when you look at one. And here’s the kicker — they’re relatively easy to cook.

Give ‘em ~3 minutes on each side directly over the hottest part of the coals (maybe a couple more for good measure if you’re feeling it) then transfer them to indirect heat alongside the tenderloin so they cook to your desired doneness — about 8 more minutes for medium-rare. Actually, disregard that time and just USE YOUR THERMOMETER!

How long do you have to cook hot dogs?

All-beef grillers from MilkRun take about 7-10 minutes to heat up on the center of your grill. Just like brats, you want to get the casing snappy without bursting.

How long should I cook burger patties?

Place your burger patties directly over the hot coals and close the lid. Give them about 3 minutes or less on each side and make sure the burgers are around 110° before you put cheese on them. Let the cheese melt (unless you’re not a cheesehead) and when he burger is 125° (medium rare) or 135° (medium) — which should only take about two minutes maximum — you can pull ‘em off the grill.