Greg Higgins, Higgins Restaurant and Bar, Portland, OR

Greg Higgins Restaurant

The Feeder: Greg Higgins, Owner/Executive Chef, Higgins Restaurant and Bar

Established: Higgins Restaurant and Bar – 1994

What They Feed: Focusing on the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, Higgins puts together a diverse menu that is always consisting of three sections; vegetarian, fish, and meat.

Seeders They Support: Ayers Creek Farm, Hang Belly Ranch, Kitchen Garden, King Fisher Farm, Meridian Farm. With the thought that one farm cannot supply everything a restaurant needs Greg tries to work with an array of Seeders seeking the best of the best from each farm.

Their Story: Greg Higgins has always had a huge passion for food and where it is coming from. Growing up in upstate New York, Higgins started working for a local dairy farm/creamery making cheese and sausages. Higgins had developed a passion for food at an early stage in his life. Cooking his way through college he found himself in the 70’s moving to Europe where he staged in Alsace, Germany. He developed a passion for butchering and grew his love for pork. After some time in B.C. Greg found his way to the Portland area in the early 80s in a pursuit to get on the local food movement. He stated that this was a difficult thing to do at the time, simply because it wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays. “There just wasn’t that push for local food like there is today!” In some thirty plus years in the Portland area, Chef Higgins has built a staple for locally sourced goods in the area.

It is no secret that Chef Higgins is all about building a community through the food system. Between having charity pizza events at his own home, to growing vegetable starts for his customers, he is really making sure that everyone has the opportunity to eat healthy and locally. With all the produce that is coming into his restaurant and the produce that he grows himself, he is able to build a serious seed bank. With this he is able to keep the circle of the food system in rotation as well as put to use what some people see as waste.

“Anywhere I can grow food, I do! My lawn has turned into my food source” –Greg Higgins
“I like what seeders grow best” – Greg Higgins

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