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Gathering Together Farm, Corvallis, OR

Gathering Together Farm, Corvallis, OR

 Seeders: John Eveland, Sally Brewer, Joelene Jebbia and Rodrigo Garcia, Gathering Together Farm

The Farm: 60 acres of home farm and leased property – along the Mary’s River near Corvallis – on-farm restaurant & farm stand open daily

What They Seed: over 60 types of certified organic vegetables in over 100 varieties + 8 acres of the property are devoted to cultivating seed

Where You Can Find Them:
Farmers Markets: Corvallis (Wednesday & Saturday), Beaverton (Saturday), Buckman Portland (Thursday), Hillsdale (Sunday), Moreland (Wednesday), Portland PSU (Saturday), Portland Shemanski Park (Wednesday), Newport (Saturday)
Retail: Gathering Together Farm Stand (Philomath), New Season Market (Various Locations), Food Front Co-op (Portland), Market of Choice (Various Locations) (see full list here)
Wholesale: Organically Grown Company

Feeders They Supply:
Restaurants: Gathering Together Farm Restaurant (Philomath), Bar Avignon (Portland), Gruner Restaurant (Portland), Olympic Provisions (Portland), The Country Cat (Portland), Ned Ludd (Portland), Pok Pok (Portland), Grain & Gristle (Portland), The Farm Cafe (Portland), Nearly Normals (Corvallis), Block 15 (Corvallis) (see full list here)

Their Story:
John Eveland first started growing organic vegetables over 30 years ago, to meet the demands of Nearly Normal’s, a vegetarian restaurant he had opened with his sister and a few friends in Corvallis. They were having a hard time finding good quality produce in the area and so John took it into his own hands. “And it’s a slippery slope” he says. From the 5 acres he and his wife Sally Brewer started with in 1987, the farm has grown to 60 acres and employs about 114 people in the peak season. Certified organic from the start, they grow 60 types of vegetables in over 100 varieties. The produce is sold to over 100 restaurant & retail locations, through their 350 member CSA, at many weekly farmers markets in the area and in their own on-farm stand and restaurant. Their two farm managers Joelene Jebbia and Rodrigo Garcia are instrumental in making sure all of the daily operations of the farm are smooth.
One of the most important parts of the farm is the compost. They receive truck loads of leaves from the city of Corvallis and manure from a nearby grassfed cattle ranch. For the extra sweet batches of compost they also incorporate “bunny honey” (rabbit manure). Ten tons of compost is added per acre of soil on the property, each time it is turned. John looks at compost as their gift of stewardship to the land.
In partnership with Frank & Karen Morton of Shoulder to Shoulder Farm, 8 acres on the property is devoted to Wild Garden Seed, a program that develops and distributes organic seed to farmers & consumers through their website, the farm stand and national seed distributors.
Walking through the fields with John Eveland, you can tell he is in his element. He is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to all farmers, new and experienced. John, Sally and their team have put a lot of time and work into making Gathering Together Farm an important part of the Corvallis area community and the greater Oregon food system.

“The grand plan doesn’t ever happen”
“Composting is our gift of stewardship to the land”
“Nature doesn’t cooperate much but you do what you can”

Advice to New Farmers:
Lease land – Live Lean – Work on your stomach muscles
“If you’re starting young, grow smart”
“Wait a couple of years to start your CSA – the money is tempting but it’s not worth it”

Favorite Apps: GPS Area Measure – for measuring and mapping areas on the farm

Favorite Weather Sources: AccuWeather, intellicast, The Weather Cafe by Rufus (Oregon Vineyard Supply)

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