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Tool Libraries: Renting Tools for Free

In chatting with Stacey Givens from The Side Yard Farm we have come to realize that it really is the small things that exist within a community that makes living so great. Stacey works multiple small plots in NE Portland where she often does workshops, classes, and kid camps and runs into the problem of needing more essential tools for everybody to use. Ensuring that everyone has the right tool for the job makes it a hands-on experience and that is what she strives for. This is how we were introduced to the awesome concept of Tool Libraries.

Tool Libraries are just like your typical book library but with tools available for “rent” for free. It turns out they exist all over! Tool libraries allow neighborhood residents over the age of 18 to set up an account to borrow various tools and equipment as needed. They also offer workshops on using different kinds of tools that may be a little harder to use.

Portland, Oregon is one of the best cities to find these Tool Libraries. They are located all over the city. Portland even has a Kitchen Tool Library for those people that are preserving and cooking the food that they grow.

These libraries are all non-profit organizations and run by volunteers and on donations. They are always looking for tools that you may not use anymore and can be put to use by the community.

Below are the links to five Tool Libraries in Portland, Oregon. Search online for one in your neighborhood/city.

North Portland Tool Library
Northeast Portland Tool Library
Southeast Portland Tool Library
Kitchen Share Southeast
Green Lents Community Tool Library

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  1. By the way, there are now 2 kitchen tool libraries in PDX: Kitchen Share Southeast, covering SE Portland residents, and Kitchen Share Northeast, covering NE and N Portland. Info on both can be found at

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