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Last week in Turin, Italy members of the worldwide Seeder, Feeder, and Eater community came together for the love of Good, Clean and Fair food. Slow Food’s Terra Madre 2014 and Salone del Gusto, also known as “The Olympics of Food”, brings together representatives from 130 different countries with over 1000 exhibitors for a common cause and goal: to educate, inspire, teach and promote techniques to improve the worlds current food situation. Some members from our very own LETumEAT Collective were invited to experience this monumental gathering, in hopes of bringing back a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for our community: Evan Gregoire from Boondockers Farm, Lane Selman from OSU and The Culinary Breeding Network, and Jess Pierce from Brooks Winery.

Slow Food USA and Slow Food International brings awareness to traditional, unique and endangered food products, from seeds, animals, fish, and farming practices that will have an economic impact in the future so they can be around for years to come and not become extinct.

To gather seeders, feeders, eaters, breeders, artisans, authors, advocates and food communities all in one place all at the same time is a once in a lifetime event for the participants. Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto is the world’s largest food, wine and family farming fair and happens once every two years in Italy. This event has so much to offer, from conferences, classes and over 200 cooking, tasting and mixology workshops, on topics from, climate change, animal welfare, food waste, population growth, bees and land grabbing… the list goes on and on.

2014 has been declared “The International Year of Family Farming” by the United Nations. To understand this a little better, 80% of the food eaten on earth is from a family farm! But most people in the USA have no idea where their food comes from. Terra Madre is trying to change that, to bring awareness and accessibility to good, clean, healthy, fair food and family farming. We as a community of Seeders, Feeders, and Eaters need to be closer to our food and know where and who our food comes from. If you’re not involved yet, it’s time to get involved and to go to your local farmers market, meet your farmers, become aware of the people growing and producing the food that nourishes your land, your friends, and your families for a healthier tomorrow.

We’ve been following the Terra Madre adventures of our Seeder and Feeder friends through Instagram and have included some of them below for you to see. Thanks to Lane Selman @culinarybreedingnetwork, Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver, Evan Gregoire @farmerevanpdx, Slow Food Portland @slowfoodpdx, Alice Waters @alicelouisewaters, Origins Farm @originsfarm and Josh Volk @joshvolk for sharing their sights and travels with us.

Hopefully the LETumEAT team will be sharing our own Instagram photos from Terra Madre 2016!


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