The Side Yard Farm

The Side Yard Farm – Big in Japan

“And you should definitely get in touch with Stacey Givens at The Side Yard Farm. She’s big in Japan.” Lane Selman mentions as we’re chatting about farmers and chefs to meet and be a part of the LETumEAT Collective. Of course Portland is known for it’s urban farming – there are tomatoes and kale planted in every front yard – but how did a Japanese magazine pick up on a small-scale chef/farmer here? “It’s Japan, they like tiny things, plus they’re fascinated with Portland.”

Urban farmer and nomadic chef Stacey Givens had an 8-page spread about The Side Yard Farm in the January 2014 issue of Tokyo’s HUgE Magazine, which featured urban farming around the US. Soon afterwards, a Japanese photographer living in Portland suggested she could help Stacey arrange a trip to Japan to cook and share her story. So in February, Stacey went to Kyoto and Kamakura to cook two farm-to-plate meals.

The dinners were very well received and not long after she returned home, Stacey started planning her next trip. These first two weeks of November, she’s in Shiga with Portland’s The Commons Brewery, putting on two more “Portland-Style” dinners. She’s loaded her suitcase with other Portland goodies from Jacobsen Salt Co, Dogwood Distilling, Extracto Coffee Roasters and Bee Local. Follow Stacey’s Japanese adventures on her Facebook page and on Instagram @thesideyardfarm #japanfarmfood

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