Ayers Creek Farm

Preserving Ancient Grains at Ayers Creek Farm

Anthony Boutard of Ayers Creek Farm is an incredibly knowledgable and enchanting individual. He and his wife Carol farm organically on 140 acres in the Willamette Valley, growing an amazing array of grains, fruit, legumes and vegetables. Each variety they cultivate has been carefully selected over time for its aptitude of growing on their property. Chefs go giddy over his many interesting products, including parched green wheat, Price table grapes, Chester blackberries, Astiana tomatoes and Borlotto beans. You’ll find Ayers Creek Farm represented on menus all over Portland.

In this video by Cooking Up a Story, Anthony shows us his “wheat reference library”, a field in which he has planted a number of ancient grains from seed that he received from the Kusa Foundation. There has been a renewed interest in these ancient wheat varieties because of both their high nutritional value and distinctive flavor. He describes a number of varieties he grows, including Einkorn wheat, Spring Spelt (Dinkel wheat) and Black Emmer Wheat (Farro). Watch to learn more!


This video is provided courtesy of Cooking Up a Story
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