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LET um EAT Takeover: PREAM

How many chefs make the effort to go mill the flour they will be using in their pizza and pasta? To spend a couple of hours with the miller who carefully processes and bags their product? To go out to the field where the next crop is growing, that will be available to use in a couple of seasons?

What about going to the olive mill in the fall, seeing the press in action and tasting through each of the products the olioteca has to offer? To walk through the olive grove with the master miller and talk about how the trees have developed and are producing?

The LET um EAT team knows these products and the people behind them. The intention behind the Takeover dinners is to highlight ingredients from key farmers and producers that are in our community and to share their stories in an engaging and delicious way.


The next Takeover dinner will be at P.R.E.A.M. in SE Portland on Sunday, March 22 and be pizza and pasta-focused, highlighting Camas Country Mill and Oregon Olive Mill. Camas Country Mill is a third generation family farm outside of Eugene that grows many different grains and legumes and operates the first mill in the Willamette Valley in over 80 years. They cultivate and mill a particular hard spring wheat called Edison that was developed by a breeder in Washington. Even as a whole wheat flour it performs almost like white flour and is going to be a great experiment with the pizza and pasta. The Oregon Olive Mill owns the only olive press in the Pacific Northwest. They have over 13,000 trees planted in the Dundee Hills and produce 4 distinct kinds of olive oil. It’s a very unique project and product and will be an amazing complement to the Oregon-grown flours.

As for the space, P.R.E.A.M. (Pizza Rules Everything Around Me) is a soon-to-be-opened pizza restaurant in SE Portland. It is the latest project of Portland’s Chefstable group and is headed up by Nick Ford and Brandon Gomez. They’ve been working hard to transform what was once the Tennessee Red’s BBQ joint into the new home of their cocktail-focused pizza restaurant and we’re excited to give you a sneak preview of the space. In true P.R.E.A.M. fashion it will be a high energy night with fires burning, water boiling and hip-hop blaring.

Other members of the Oregon local food scene and LET um EAT Collective featured: Little T Bakery, Community Supported Fisheries, Osprey Farm, Vibrant Valley Farm, Jacobsen Salt Co., Bee Local Honey, Woodblock Chocolate, Our Table Cooperative and more!

Tickets are available for for the LETumEAT Takeover @ PREAM on Sunday, March 22 at 6 pm and 8:30 pm. The multi-course menu is $75/person. Cocktails, beer and wine available to purchase. Make your reservations below!

For questions feel free to contact us: [email protected] OR 503.893.8303


The Menu


Bruschetta – Albacore puttanesca, last season’s tomatoes, chili

Nettle pasta carpaccio, goat’s milk ricotta, black chanterelles, sunchokes

Oregon octopus, olive oil poached & smoked potatoes, chicory, black olive vinaigrette

Emmer wheat corzetti, dungeness crab, brown butter apples, leeks, pan fritto

Roasted squash agnolotti, spiced lamb ragu, smoked pecorino

Pizza of kale, smoked guanciale, onion petals, Portland Farmland honey

Tiramisu – Woodblock Chocolate, olive oil cake, Stumptown Coffee


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