Culinary Breeding Network and LET um EAT

LET um EAT & Culinary Breeding Network Take Over Elder Hall: September 1

Date: Tuesday, September 1st

Time: 7:00 pm

Where: Elder Hall, NE Portland
Eventbrite - LET um EAT Takeover Dinner: Elder Hall

When we started talking to people about the LETumEAT Collective and our idea to build a network of Seeders, Feeders and Eaters, we immediately heard about Lane Selman. Lane is the founder of the Culinary Breeding Network, which brings together chefs, eaters and plant breeders to discuss the flavor, texture and culinary quality of plants and vegetables. Meeting with Lane and attending her Variety Showcase last fall opened our eyes to the fascinating world of plant breeding. Did you know there are farmers and academics (many right here in Oregon) growing vegetables and selecting the seeds that get propagated and distributed by seed companies? They’re creating organic, open-pollinated seeds for farmers across the country, a very important job that takes incredible patience and diligence.
Many of us think about where our vegetables come from, but what about where the seeds come from?

In July we met Lane Selman and farmer Josh Volk at Our Table Cooperative to discuss the Takeover dinner. We narrowed down the ingredients that would be highlighted on the menu: Falstaff lettuces, Badger beets, Perfection fennel, parsley and Stocky Roaster peppers. This was based on varieties that had been locally developed and/or Lane had seed for us to grow at the LET um EAT Farm.

Badger Flame Beets at the Culinary Breeding Network Variety Showcase

Josh and Lane had some other work to do at Our Table that afternoon: qualitative analysis of the squash and tomato plants that were in trials there. We walked through the fields and looked at the size and uniformity of the squash plants and the bushiness and fruit set on the tomato plants. The results of these variety trials will be considered when selecting seeds. It was very interesting to hear the thought and process behind propagating these plants.

Please join us at Elder Hall on Tuesday, September 1 to hear from Lane, farmers Josh Volk (Slow Hand Farm & Our Table Cooperative) and Laura Masterson (47th Ave Farms) and plant breeders/seed growers Sarah Kleeger and Andrew Still (Adaptive Seeds). You’ll learn more about the Culinary Breeding Network and the hard work these farmers and breeders are putting into the future of our food.
Make your reservations for this Tuesday’s LET um EAT Takeover at Elder Hall!



Falstaff lettuces
The Garden, sprouted soil, burnt carrots, raspberry vinegar

Smoked pork, deconstructed gribiche, herb salad

Badger beets
100 layer lasagne, roasted beets, braised greens, Heritage bechamel

Pepper pickled chicken, red corn polenta “panzanella”, roasted Roasters, torn basil

Perfection Fennel
Fennel & heirloom melons, smoked honey, wild fennel pollen

SEEDERS: Black Locust Farm, Ayers Creek Farm, Wild Garden Seed, Adaptive Seeds, 47th Avenue Farm, Our Table Cooperative, Mineral Springs Ranch, Camas Country Mill, LET um EAT Farm

FEEDERS: Ancient Heritage Dairy, Oregon Olive Mill, Bee Local, Ransom Spirits, New Deal Distillery

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