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Joneve Murphy: Farmer Seeking Roots Across The Globe

Joneve Murphy is traveling around the world to explore the concept of farm to table on a global scale: to work with farmers and cook with consumers, to see the various connections between seeders and eaters from country to country. Her blog and project is called Farmer Seeking Roots.

How did she get that job? Well Joneve had an idea and a dream, put together an Indiegogo fundraising campaign and went for it. In 6 weeks, Joneve succeeded in raising the $10,000 she needed to supplement her existing savings and solidify her one year journey through Europe, Asia and South America, which she set off on this past July.

From Joneve Murphy’s Indiegogo page:

Organic, sustainable, family farming is what is going to feed our world. People that engage with their land, that work to see it and the land surrounding flourish. Our personal health is dependent on the health of the soil, the forests, the oceans, the animals and people that surround us. We can no longer be insular in our decisions about food. We vote with our dollars more often and more impactfully than any of our votes at the ballot box. We, as a global community must support enterprises and people that are furthering the sustainable food movement.

It’s clear that Joneve is passionate about what she does. She has been farming for over 10 years, working on and managing a variety of farms on the East Coast, often very closely with chefs. This includes positions at Green Meadows Farm (MA), The Inn at Shelburne Farms (VT), Ayshire Farm (VA) and The Inn at Little Washington (VA). Off-seasons have been spent traveling in Asia and working on other farms to gain her own skills and perspective. But this trip is a little different.

I hope to share growing techniques, new varieties, and recipes, but also I want to share their passion. I want to highlight these farmers and consumers for the important decisions they make about food every day. I want to have a conversation with both farmers and consumers about their choices to support sustainable agriculture from either side of the plate.

As she travels, Joneve is keeping a blog on her website, albeit infrequently considering the rigors of the road, spotty internet access, working 10+ hours a day on farms and really trying to immerse herself in the culture while she’s in each place. If anything, I’d highly recommend following her on Instagram (@farmersroots) and/or Facebook which is updated more often with beautiful photos and tidbits as she makes her journey.

We look forward to hearing more from Joneve as she travels and what will come of all of the wonderful photos and knowledge she is collecting along the way.

Photo Credit: Joneve Murphy


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