Heritage Radio Network

Heritage Radio Network: For Your Brain and Your Stomach

In 2009 Patrick Martins, founder of Slow Food USA and of Heritage Foods USA, started the internet radio station HeritageRadioNetwork.org. The radio studio exists in the backyard of Roberta’s restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, in two repurposed shipping containers. There is an organic garden on the roof of the containers and Roberta’s also receives pasture-raised pork from Heritage Foods in exchange for use of their space.

HeritageRadioNetwork.org “is committed to archiving, protecting, and advancing our country’s rich food culture through programs that give voice to America’s leading food professionals, farmers, policy experts, artists, and tastemakers.” They’ve broadcast over 4000 shows and produce more than 30 regular weekly programs.

The programs range from “Cooking Issues” which discusses innovative cooking techniques and ingredients with chef/inventor Dave Arnold to “Taste Matters” with Mitchell Davis of the James Beard Foundation on the exploration of the sense, the cultural construct, and the culinary phenomenon of taste. “The Farm Report” analyzes distribution networks, dissects policy issues and other current issues in the world of agriculture and food and “Evoluntionaries” features the stories behind the stories of individuals who have defied conventions and shaped our food landscape, from Eric Ripert to Darina Allen.

Past episodes are archived on the site or available on iTunes as podcasts so you can queue them up at any time. Every episode that I’ve listened to has been great quality. They get a high caliber of interesting speakers on the show; the conversation is entertaining and always educational.

A few episodes that I’ve listened to lately and loved:

  • The Food Seen: Episode 198 – John Currence
    New Orleans born, Oxford, MS chef John Currence talks the culture of the Southern cooking, Dooky Chase’s fried chicken, sharing meals, eating in moderation and catfish.
  • Chef’s Story: Episode 87 – Thomas McNaughton
    While Thomas was in NY touring for his new cookbook, he stopped in at Heritage Radio to chat with Dorothy Cann Hamilton. Get to know Thomas McNaughton, how he fell in love with pasta and ended up with three restaurants in San Francisco.
  • Eat Your Words: Episode 205 – Apples of Uncommon Character
    Award winning author Rowan Jacobsen’s new book “Apples of Uncommon Character” explores everything about apples. Host Cathy Erway does an in-studio tasting with Rowan and discusses the history of apples, how we’ve got ourselves into a situation where our supermarket selection is so limited and how to expand one’s apple horizons.
  • The Morning After: Episode 129 – Talia Baiocchi
    Sari Kamin and Jessie Kiefer chat with Talia Baiocchi Editor in Chief of PUNCH Magazine and author of “Sherry: A Modern Guide to the Wine World’s Best-Kept Secret, with Cocktails and Recipes” over a beer on Sunday afternoon.
    So next time you’re on a long car ride, or in transit, or even doing the dishes – visit HeritageRadioNetwork.org and listen to a Heritage Radio show. Chances are, you’ll learn something.

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