The Grain Divide Documentary

The Grain Divide: Must See Documentary

A new documentary is set to release at the end of 2014 with a remarkable cast of influential chefs, food activists, economists and scientists. Some of which include Dan Barber, Chad Robertson and Tool’s Maynard Keenan.

The Grain Divide directed by JD McLelland documents a 2 year journey for the search of the unbiased truth around the foundation of the modern crisis in food, with the final year documenting the people, places and projects creating the real solutions that can change the world through passion, connection and culture.

“We were just going to do a short documentary on this story here. Then we started doing research to find what they are doing in other parts of the country,” said McLelland

He also says that one of the biggest surprises of the film is how much misinformation and lack of understanding there is in the area of grains and grain by-products. According to the producer, nine out of 10 people have no idea what white flour is and how it is created.

“Grains are the foundation of the human diet, wheat is in everything.”

You can view their extended trailer:

Watch for release dates on the Grain Divide website and learn more about the modern food crisis by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

The Grain Divide Cast:

  • Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco)
  • Michael Pollan (Cooked)
  • Dan Barber (Blue Hill, The Third Plate)
  • Chad Robertson (Tartine)
  • Stephen Jones (Wheat Breeder/WSU Bread Lab)
  • Glenn Roberts (Anson Mills)
  • Marc Vetri (Vetri, Pizzeria Vetri)
  • Maria Speck (Ancient Grains for Modern Meals)
  • Maynard Keenan (TOOL, Caduceus Cellars)
  • Monica Spiller (Whole Grain Connection)
  • Craig Ponsford (Ponsford’s Place)
  • Michael Tusk (Quince)
  • Farm & Sparrow Bakery (David Bauer)
  • SFBI (Michel Suas & Mac McConnell)
  • David Killilea (CHORI Oakland)
  • Arizona Wilderness Brewing
  • Community Grains (Bob Klein)
  • Gary Nabhan (Coming Home to Eat)
  • Steve Lyon (WSU Wheat Breeder)
  • Jonathon Bethony (WSU Bread Lab)
  • WSU Bread Lab Graduate Students
    – Colin Curwen-McAdams
    – Bethany Econopouly
  • Hayden Flour Mills (Jeff Zimmerman)
  • The Farm at Agritopia
  • Sossaman Farms (Steve Sossaman)
  • Nick Balla & Cortney Burns (Bar Tartine)
  • Charlene Badman (FnB)
  • Sean Brock (Husk/Mind of a Chef)
  • Tara Jensen (Smoke Signals Bakery)
  • Native Seeds/SEARCH
  • Skagit Valley Malting
  • Noble Bread
  • Jennifer Lapidus (Carolina Ground)
  • Central Milling (Nicky Giusto)
  • Sonoko Sakai
  • Doug Mosel (Mendocino Grain Project)
  • Highwire Distillery
  • Rick Burch (Caskwerks/Jimmy Eat World)
  • Don Guerra (Barrio Bread)
  • Avalon Gardens
  • Mike Zakowski (The Bejkr)
  • Eli Colvin (Revolution Bread)
  • Roxana Jullapat
  • Alex Weiser
  • Jon Hammond

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