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Food News for Seeders, Feeders & Eaters – August 18

Interesting and important Food News from around the web for Seeders, Feeders & Eaters.

News for SEEDERS


Congress Can Help Young Farmers Succeed [The Sacramento Bee] – Rory Crowley, a young farmer in Northern California, suggests that the government should put farmers in the category with other public service professionals to qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Many of the nation’s young and aspiring farmers are struggling to pay back their loans.

“To protect the future of food and farming, Congress must take action.”
– Rory Crowley, young farmer

Governor Cuomo Launches New York State Grown & Certified Food Program [Governor.NY.GOV] – Last week, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched the New York State Grown & Certified program and announced a new $20 million food hub in the Bronx to increase access to farm-fresh produce. The New York State Grown & Certified program identifies and promotes New York producers who adhere to New York’s food safety and environmental sustainability programs and is the first of its kind in the country.

News for FEEDERS


Culinary Schools Are Getting More Expensive — Should You Go? [Eater] – The cost of culinary education is getting higher, but compensation is not, and studies show that chefs and cooks with degrees make only slightly more than those with high school diplomas.

Rio 2016: International chefs cooking surplus Olympic food for city’s poorest residents [Independent] – Launched by chefs Massimo Bottura of Italy and Brazil’s David Hertz, “RefettoRio Gastromotiva” aims to produce some 5,000 meals daily using only those ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. The surplus food is donated from the Olympic Village and goes to feed the impoverished residents of Rio.

“We want to fight hunger and provide access to good food.” – Chef David Hertz, Brazil

Is That Real Tuna in Your Sushi? Now, a Way to Track That Fish [NY Times] – Red’s Best, a seafood distributor out of Boston, is using technology and software to improve the traceability of fish for restaurants and consumers.

News for EATERS


The Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants 2016 [Bon Appetit] – Bon Appetit magazine announces its annual top 10 best new restaurants in the country, covering a wide range of styles and cuisines, from barbacoa tacos in Philly and Basque tapas in Pittsburgh, to BBQ in North Carolina and classic French in NOLA.

Is Food Unwinnable for Start Ups? [Food + Tech Connect] – Food tech startups like Good Eggs, Farmigo and Dinner Lab have had a hard year, begging the question if technology can really make a difference in this sector. Challenges like distribution logistics and customer acquisition need to be considered, and the fact that any changes in the food industry are going to happen slowly.

“Ultimately, everything boils down to speed: changing the food system is going to be a long, slow process.” – Food + Tech Connect

How eggs became a victory for the animal welfare movement [Washington Post] – In the past two years, nearly 200 U.S. companies – including every major grocery and fast-food chain – have pledged to use only cage-free eggs by 2025, amounting to one of the animal advocacy movement’s biggest victories in decades.

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