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Food News for Seeders, Feeders & Eaters: Nov 4

Interesting and important Food News from around the web for Seeders, Feeders & Eaters.

News for SEEDERS

Spring to come three weeks earlier to the United States [Science Daily] – Scientists have projected that the onset of spring plant growth will shift by a median of three weeks earlier over the next century, as a result of rising global temperatures.

Federal Agencies Release Data Showing California Central Valley Idle Farmland Doubling During Drought [NASA] – NASA and the USDA estimate that over 1.03 million acres of farmland in California has sat idle all year, more than double than the amount in 2011.

How Do US Presidential Candidates Weigh in on the Issue of GMOs? [Center for Research on Globalization] – What do Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump think about GMOs and GMO labelling?


News for FEEDERS

5 Big Takeaways From Danny Meyer’s No-Tipping Town Hall Meeting [Grub Street] – Danny Meyer of the Union Square Hospitality Group, which includes 13 restaurants and about 1800 employees, announced that they will be eliminating tipping, raising prices and the average wage of every employee. This week Danny Meyer and three other USHG representatives hosted a Q & A about their new policy: “Hospitality Included”.

Former New York Times Food Columnist Mark Bittman Talks About His New Role with Purple Carrot, a Vegan Delivery Service [The Daily Meal] – After announcing his departure from the NY Times in September, Mark Bittman has announced his new venture: the Chief Innovation Officer of The Purple Carrot, a vegan meal delivery service.

2016 US Michelin Guides – Last month the 2016 Michelin Guides for Chicago, New York, San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country.


News for EATERS

Lost Foods [NY Times Magazine] – The Sunday, Nov 1 edition of the NY Times Magazine features some great articles about scientist Steve Jones and the Washington State University Bread Lab, the late Southern culinary icon Edna Lewis and an 84 year old librarian who is creating an extensive database of cookbooks through history.

Food is Political [Civil Eats] – Civil Eats editor Naomi Starkman acknowledges how political food is becoming – a primer on the groups, chefs, authors and policies that are leading the way to a better food system.

Processed Meat Causes Cancer, World Health Organization Says [The Washington Post] – The World Health Organization released a bold report last week that processed and red meat causes cancer, which has resulted in a huge response from media, consumers and activists like Carlo Petrini: “Let’s eat less meat but avoid cheap scaremongering

If Big Food Buys Your Favorite ‘Natural’ Food Brand, Will You Trust It? [NPR] – The recent purchase of Niman Ranch by Perdue Farms raises some questions for consumers whether they can still trust and support their favorite food brands as they are acquired by giant corporations.

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