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Janya Veranth visiting one of her pasture-raised berkshire pigs

The Change Seeders & Feeders Want To See In The Food System

Everyone can admit that there are major issues with the current state of our food system. Thankfully, a growing number of people are waking up to this, demanding better, and doing their part. This includes members of the LET um EAT Collective, who whose stories and missions we love to share. These Seeders and Feeders are the people that are in the fields and in the kitchens, growing, harvesting, preparing and providing food, giving Eaters access to the best products they possibly can. They’re the ones in it and therefore most aware of the issues and what needs to improve. So we asked them what changes they would like to see, and here are their answers.
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If you could change one thing about the food system what would it be?


Mike Phillips, Red Table Meat Co, Minneapolis, MN

“I would change people’s perception of food and the value of it. Food should not be cheap. We have gotten ourselves and our food system in a lot of trouble by demanding cheap highly processed food. We pay the least amount of our income compared to the rest of the world for food and over consume cheap bad food. This is in no way healthy or sustainable. It is changing, but the majority of people still don’t see it.”


Sarah Kleeger, Adaptive Seeds, Sweet Home, OR

“I think we’ve made great strides in people knowing where their food comes from, but seed selection is an important & often overlooked aspect of the food system. If I could change one thing, People would become more engaged with the seed their food comes from.

If I could change two things, there would be more farms producing staple foods for local consumption.

If I could change three things, farmers & farm workers would be able to earn a living wage & have benefits.

I could keep going…”


Janya Veranth, Redfeather Farm, Duvall, WA

“We believe that factory operations are unjust to animals, are making people sick, and are destroying our Earth. We would like the hidden atrocities of factory-raised meat to be uncovered and believed by consumers. Cheap, anonymous, chemical-filled meat does not honor any link in the food chain, human or animal. We would like to see transparency and humility restored to our food system and a return to reverence for the delicate balance between land, animals, and humans.”


Caleb Barron, Fogline Farm, Santa Cruz, CA

“Zoning regulations allowing for slaughterhouses in local communities.”


Ben Meyer, Old Salt Marketplace, Portland, OR

“Help people get through the smoke & mirrors of where their food really comes from, and help them gain access to the quality of food they deserve.”


Kelly Fields, Willa Jean, New Orleans, LA

“It’d be great if we could have more of a system that supports small family farmers.”


Noah Braunstein, Neversink Spirits, Port Chester, NY

“I would want the end retailers to have a greater appreciation for quality and be more honest about what it is they are selling. So many people are marketing a quality standard that they are not actually providing. Raise the bar and use the best ingredients.”

Darius Jones, Heritage Supperclub, OR

“Waste- as a chef, citizen of my community, and consumer. I feel that we all have a responsibility to be aware and to have better practices in what we are buying, cooking, eating and wasting.”


What change do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below.
Feature Photo: Janya Veranth of Redfeather Farm

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