A Week in the life of Vibrant Valley Farm

This is the final CSA newsletter of the 2015 season from Vibrant Valley Farm, a vegetable and flower farm located on Sauvie Island, Portland, Oregon.

Typically we write a day in the life as the last CSA newsletter but because we wanted to give you a greater scope of what we do here at Vibrant Valley Farm we decided to do a week in the life.

Days usually start at 5 am with coffee, tea and/or mate in hands as we assess the chalkboard where flowers or vegetables to be harvested are written. This summer was so hot it would sometimes already be 80 degrees outside when we arrived so we had to hustle to beat the heat and the sun. On Mondays we, Kara, Mary Ellen, Christina and I, with Diesel the dog looking on and guarding us, cut flowers for our CSB and our New Seasons accounts. One of us delivers New Season’s flowers to their distribution center in Clackamas as the others weed, plant, harvest, sow seeds or work on other projects. Monday’s were also typically Padron harvest days … We had over 500 plants this year ! And a meeting if we could squeeze it in.

Tuesday’s are CSA and restaurant harvest days which takes us well into the afternoon where like everyday we stop for lunch sometimes heating homemade meals up but mostly eating random farm veggies, hummus and rice cakes. Tuesday afternoons consist of writing the newsletter and sending pics to our one and only marketing/advertising/recipe writer/communications/ website main man Justin. Then Mary Ellen and Christina pack CSAs in assembly line style lightning fast while Kara and I make bouquets bumping music that Mary Ellen and Christina don’t seem to like.

Wednesday’s, our CSA/B day, are restaurant harvest days until we depart to deliver to you and sometimes other restaurants and florists along the way.

Thursday’s are days full of finishing the restaurant harvest … We now supply to 20 a week! Kara leaves as soon as possible in the morning and drives all day delivering as far as Yamhill County. The farm stays busy with projects and more of the same old stuff. Thursday’s have also been an essential wedding planning/correspondence day as we’ve done flowers for 15 weddings this year!

Friday’s start with flower harvests for weddings and New Seasons. Relk, our super hero builder/harvester/planner/project manager/mechanical tillage wizard is here and usually rolls in with a mug full of coffee and news updates. Friday’s have also been, after the arrangements, boutonni√®res, etc. are picked up by the bridal party of that week and projects and harvest slows down, a time to break for dessert. The sugar tooth queens, Mary Ellen and Christina, instated this new tradition of taking turns making and enjoying desserts once a week.

Sometimes our weeks are punctuated with a farm dinner or tour or visit, help from volunteers like our CSA/B members Misty, Judy or Josh or a dinner out to a restaurant we deliver to like Luce or PREAM.

This year we’ve taken off more weekends than not due to Relk’s help in setting up automated water and constant help from Mary Ellen and Christina. Vibrant Valley Farm has harvested and sold, sown and grown more than we’ve ever in the past. You, our CSA, made and makes it all possible. We truly can’t thank you enough. Cheers to another wonderful season!


  • butternut squash
  • red kuri squash
  • baby hakurei turnips
  • kale
  • celeriac
  • fingerling potatoes
  • broccoli
  • fennel
  • parsley
  • carrots



Salad of Roasted Red Kuri Squash, Kale & Hazelnuts
Mashed Celeriac

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