9 Featured CSAs from Across the Country – September 8

Every few weeks we’ll feature various CSAs from across the country so you can see what’s growing!

If you’re not familiar with subscription-based Community Supported Agriculture, check out this great explanation from LocalHarvest.org, which has almost 3,000 CSA farms in its directory.

“What our CSA is all about: Community, Health, Environment, Affordability, Commitment” – Brian & Jess Powers, Working Hands Farm, Hillsboro, OR

It’s interesting to see the many different CSA models and especially the diversity of what is being offered from farms across the country. Check out photos and info below from 9 different farms in Oregon and across the country. Follow the links to their blogs and websites to read more about the farm and their weekly offerings and check them out on social media!

Diggin Roots Farm
Diggin’ Roots Farm
Molalla, OR
Pictured: August 25 – Week 13
Full share ($30/wk) or partial share ($22/wk) for 20 weeks

Diggin Roots Farm is a diversified family farm serving the Silverton, Molalla, and Portland, Oregon communities with sustainably grown produce and meat. In addition to their CSA they also offer “market shares” which give customers $440 worth of credit at the Silverton farmers market stand if you put a down payment of $400 at the beginning of the season (= 10% off).
We can’t help but share the caption from this CSA photo post:
“Over the summer hump: Melons and kale collide in cool nights and fleeting light. Zucchini remains, the mildew gains, pears ripen to blush while tomatoes slightly refrain. Jimmy Nardellos belong in a pan, with butter or oil, or both, or bacon. Fry until blistered, sweet and smooth, then smother on spuds, Fingerling good. Basil blooms in bees, finds new life in the blender and Kohlrabi is…well…tasty, we promise, on salads, or with dips, yeah we know it looks weird. The Apache red sweet corn flashes some magenta genes, and the Spanish onions cure to a dusty rose sheen. We love this time of year, when the sun loosens its blazing grip, sweetly slips into seeds, nesting and thrift. We hold one hand in a dwindling summer, while our feet dance on golden beans, threshing power from the season. With good reason. ‪#‎fortheloveoffood‬ ‪#‎digginrootsfarm‬ ‪#‎overthehump‬”


Farm River FarmFarm River Farm
East Haven, CT
Pictured: Sept 3 – Week 13
$35/week for 18 weeks, June – Oct

Contents: Fennel, leeks, ‘maters, eggplant, sweet & hot peppers, potatoes, squash

Farm River Farm is a small scale vegetable farm that specializes in an 18 week summer CSA. The farm has quite an interesting story, which involves a lot of love and the efforts of an entire family. It is their first year as a CSA farm and so we’re sure they’ve been learning a lot, but the photos look fabulous! They are not certified organic, but have signed the NOFA Farmer’s Pledge, giving their word that they exclusively practice organic methods of farming. It’s a little beside the point, but they also have mini donkeys, which we love.


Hartwood Farm
Hartwood Farm
Chittenango, NY
Pictured: August 25
$30/wk full share, $20/wk small share for 18 weeks

Contents: baby kale, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, shiso, arugula, carrots, beets, melons, zucchini, eggplant and pears!

Southeast of Syracuse, NY, Hartwood Farm is on 70 acres and grows for summer and winter farmers markets and a summer CSA. They reach customers in Fayetteville, Liverpool, and Syracuse. Hartwood Farm has about 4 acres of vegetables each year, in addition to pasture for their egg-laying chickens and plenty of space to rotate crops. This is their 3rd season at Hartwood Farm, but Maryellen and Matt have many years of experience in farming and CSA, so we can imagine they do it well.


BUG Farms
BUG Farms
Salt Lake City, UT
Pictured: Sept 3
About 22 weeks – $22/wk full share, $15/wk half share

Contents: Tomatoes, eggplants, cayennes, carrots, summer squash, cukes, beets, basil, micro greens, shishitos (beer not included)

BUG (Backyard Urban Gardens) Farms has an interesting model where they farm in five large backyards in the Glendale neighborhood of Salt Lake City. With just under two acres total they can support almost 100 members! They have a variety of add-on options, including kombucha, fruit, bread and dry beans. Members can even do a CSA Work Exchange, where 4-6 hours of work per week will earn a full CSA share, plus a farm lunch each shift!

Angelic Organics
Angelic Organics
Caledonia, IL
Pictured: August 26
$30/wk – Summer/Fall Programs, June – Oct

Angelic Organics has been growing for their CSA since 1991, making it one of the first CSA farms in the midwest. Now in their 25th year, they have over 2500 members! You may have heard of Angelic Organics before as they were featured in a very well-received documentary: The Real Dirt on Farmer John, whom has been farming on the property for over 50 years. The farm is both organic and biodynamic, and also has a Learning Center, which hosts a number of workshops and programs to educate farmers and members of the community.


Even Pull Farm
Even Pull Farm
McMinnville, OR
Pictured: August 30 – Week 15
For 24 weeks: $29/wk full share, $19/wk half share

Even Pull Farm is a first generation family farm in their first season outside of McMinnville. In addition to full size or half size vegetable CSA shares they offer a flower CSA, which completely sold out this year. Flower CSA members have bunch share or bouquet share options for 12 weeks – great to see that this was so popular! Even Pull Farm also has a market share option, applicable to the downtown McMinnville Farmers Market every Thursday through the season.


Providence Organic Farm
Providence Organic Farm
Central Lake, MI
Pictured: September 1 – Week 11
$26 – $37/wk depending on share size and length of membership

Providence Organic Farm is located on 20 acres outside of Traverse City, MI. They offer such a variety of CSA share options, it’s hard to believe one couldn’t find something to fit anyone! From 18 to 22 weeks, small shares or large shares, and even a new “investor share” that can be used at the farmers market. Providence Organic Farm is also part of CSA Farms, “a Consortium of Farms in Northwest Michigan” and has a website that clearly describes the CSA, the various drop points. If Providence Organic Farm doesn’t have a pick up spot near to you, you can find another in NW Michigan using this handy website!
BeeWench Farm
BeeWench Farm
Shandon, CA
Pictured: August 25 – Week 6
Various vegetable, meat and egg CSA share options

Contents: Spinach, Islander bell pepper, lunchbox pepper, jalapeno, beets, chard, basil, zucchini, crookneck, Patty pan and cherry tomatoes

BeeWench Farm is a 10 acre diversified farm in Central California. In addition to vegetable CSA they have a variety of options in purchasing pork, honey, goats milk and eggs – an amazing array of options, all Certified Naturally Grown. BeeWench also sells their product at 5 local farmers markets and to some nearby restaurants.
Ledgeview Gardens
Ledgeview Gardens
De Pere, WI
Pictured: September 3
$23/wk for 8, 16 or 24 weeks

Contents: Onions, potatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, rainbow carrots, mustard greens, mac apples, green beans, mixed cherry tomatoes, Salanova lettuce

Ledgeview Gardens is a family owned farm that started in 2001 “with just a few greenhouses and a big dream”. They have over 18 acres planted in fields and greenhouses, but are also able to grow many more months of the year in hydroponic greenhouses. Their CSA has a few options, depending on what part of the season and how long you want to commit. There are on-farm or in town pick up options. Ledgeview Gardens is also getting into more livestock, with egg laying chickens, meat chickens and turkeys.

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