5 Fav #Seeders of Instagram – March

Celebrating our favorite #Seeders on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through other people. These 5 Instagram #Seeders make farming look fun and entertaining, and of course a lot of work. If you don’t follow them already, you sure should.


Redfeather Farm

The Seeder: @redfeatherfarm: Redfeather Farm, Janya & Nate Berkshire hogs, lamb, & Animal Welfare Approved eggs in W. Washington. Bad dogs, good kids, and there’s always poop on my shoe. All pics copyrighted. http://redfeatherfarm.org

Why we love @redfeatherfarm: So many pictures of farm animals! Janya reached out to us a couple of months ago wanting to be involved with LET um EAT in some way, so we published this amazing article she wrote about her first pig harvest on the farm. If you’re looking for a good daily dose of farm life being done right, follow @redfeatherfarm.



The Seeder: @ewschultz: Erich Schultz husband + father + farmer @steadfastfarm & @agritopiafarm + maker/partaker of coffee & cocktails + lover of music + creator of @ewsbitters http://www.thefarmatagritopia.com

Why we love @ewschultz: Erich farms at Agritopia, a modern-day community centered around urban agriculture. It’s a pretty interesting set-up, to have residences, a restaurant, a coffee shop and even a school built up around beautiful farm fields, right on the edge of Phoenix. Besides eating very well, Erich also dabbles in cocktails and even just started his own bitters company.


Tom Culton

The Seeder: @cultonhnic: Tom Culton. Snail farmer

Why we love @cultonhnic: Tom is a real character. He is the sole farmer on 53 acres outside of Philadelphia, specializing in heirloom and rare varieties of vegetables like cardoons, currants, edamame, peppers and corn. He’s got a few token geese, ducks and goats too. Tom is loud, opinionated, a bit outrageous and absolutely killing it. Chefs in Philly and New York pay top dollar for his beautiful produce, as they should. Tom is quite possibly the most entertaining farmer on Instagram. It’s a bit hard to explain, you’re just going to have to check it out yourself.


Fiddlehead Farmer

The Seeder: @fiddleheadfarmer: Fiddlehead Farm. Hello! We are a small organic family farm located in beautiful Corbett, OR – just outside of Portland. http://www.fiddleheadfarmers.com

Why we love @fiddleheadfarmer: Fiddlehead Farm isn’t too far from the LET um EAT farm and we’re planning on meeting them in person, but in the meantime we’ve been admiring their Instagram feed. Katie and Rowan and their beautiful little girl Ella Luna grow organically on 19 acres outside of Portland. They have a good amount of experience and it’s always interesting to see what they’re growing and how they’re managing the farm. Looking forward to meeting them soon!


Jessica Baron

The Seeder: @littleforkfarm: Jessica Baron Farmer, Northern California. http://www.littleforkfarm.com

Why we love @littleforkfarm: We always love an awesome lady farmer. Jessica grows veggies on a 2 acre urban farm in Napa for three local restaurants: Oenotri, Zuzu and Hog Island Oyster Co. She’s been farming in the Bay Area for a number of years, specializing in produce for restaurants. From her photos, it’s no wonder why chefs go crazy for her beautiful baby vegetables and greens.

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