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5 Fav #Seeders of Instagram – March

Celebrating our favorite #Seeders on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to learn what other people in the food community are up to. These 5 #Seeders make farming look fun and entertaining, and of course a lot of work. If you don’t follow them already, you sure should.



Longest Acres Farm

The Seeder: @longestacresfarm: Kate Mother/Farmer. Fiber, raw milk, and meat. Icelandic sheep. Milking Devon cows. Ossabaw pigs. Up in the hills of central Vermont.

Why we love @longestacresfarm: One thing we’ve come to notice on Instagram is that people LOVE pictures of animals, especially cute and/or baby animals (don’t worry, we’re guilty too). Apparently you can never see too many close-ups of an animal’s snout. Kate at Longest Acres Farm has this down and her success is easily measured by her almost 15k-strong following. Kate, her husband Chris and their family have a 120 acre Animal Welfare Approved, diversified farm in Chelsea, Vermont. They focus on heritage breed animals and distribute their meat through New York and New England as well as sell meat, vegetables, eggs and honey at the farm. We think you’ll agree that it looks like a beautiful place to visit, and you can even do just that: check out their AirBnB farm cabin!



Seed to Table Sisters

The Seeder: @seedtotablesisters: Seed To Table Sisters Changing lives in the heart of Central Oregon through connecting food, wellness and education.

Why we love @seedtotablesisters: Seed to Table Sisters started following @LETumEAT recently and we followed them right back. While their Instagram account is relatively new, we already like what we see! Located in Sisters, Oregon, Seed to Table brings students and members of the community together through their garden-based wellness education program, engaging them in positive food relations involving nutrition, environmental science, art and the basics of gardening. The program is only a couple of years old, but they’ve already seen incredible success in thousands of hours of student and adult involvement on the farm and an abundance of the resulting food going directly into the local school district. Looking forward to following this program through the summer season!



Blue Whistler Farm

The Seeder: @bluewhistlerfarm: Blue Whistler Farm Just 20 minutes north of downtown Durham NC-We have lots of Agritourism events on farm! Bees, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, pigs, rabbits & a garden.

Why we love @bluewhistlerfarm: Ok, it’s the cute animal factor again. We’re even more impressed because Blue Whistler Farm does such a great job with video posts. Hear and see the ducks, sheep, llamas and bees in action! Blue Whistler Farm offers a number of opportunities to go visit the animals in real life too, from on farm markets and Spring & Summer camps. Amy, the Head Farmer at Blue Whistler Farm even has her own podcast, which we’re excited to check out.
And finally: the slow motion pictures of sheep jumping? Nailed it.



Evan Gregoire

The Seeder: @farmerevanpdx: Traveling/Farming the world to find, preserve, save, document, grow the most resilient flavorful varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Why we love @farmerevanpdx: Evan Gregoire, a farmer based outside of Portland, OR, has all sorts of interesting things going on at any given time. In addition to growing a great variety of vegetables and constantly experimenting with cooking and preserving them, Evan is huge into seed saving. His new project, Portland Seedhouse “maintains a diverse seedbank of culturally significant varieties of edible plants with remarkable flavors and stories.” Evan often hosts tastings and workshops and is extremely passionate about sharing his knowledge and love of seeds and heirloom varietals with Seeders, Feeders and Eaters alike.



Revolutionary Roots Farm

The Seeder: @revolutionaryrootsfarm: Kimberly & Josh Zabec Follow us as we start our homestead on 20 acres in Kinsale, VA. #Lets_Start_A_Farmolution

Why we love @revolutionaryrootsfarm: Talk about people that are doing their part in the Food Revolution – these farmers lead with it in their name! Kimberly and Josh, young farmers near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, are putting some serious work into their land. They’re using their heritage breed pigs to “bulldoze” through existing forest and then continually rotating livestock through the forest and pasture to “create just the right amount of disturbance to the perennial plants to always stimulate the right amount of natural fertilization and growth.” Their work is inspiring and we love seeing what they’re up to. Oh and animal photos (sense a theme this month?) Plus we dig their hashtag.

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