5 Fav #Seeders of Instagram – June

Celebrating our favorite #Seeders on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through other people and even learn what other people in the food community are up to. These 5 #Seeders make farming look fun and entertaining, and of course a lot of work. If you don’t follow them already, you sure should.




The Seeder: @pitchforkandcrow: Pitchfork & Crow. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of vegetables! :: Growing organic food for our CSA members in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. www.pitchforkandcrow.com

Why we love @pitchforkandcrow: Pitchfork and Crow are not-far neighbors to the LET um EAT Farm. We visited Carri and Jeff recently and were totally inspired. This young couple left their careers to pursue something they loved: farming. They are just one example of how people get into farming, but share the common passion of food and feeding their community.



Hoxie Gorge Farm

The Seeder: @hoxiegorgefarm: Hoxie Gorge Farm. draft-powered diversified farming in marathon, ny.

Why we love @hoxiegorgefarm: After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Aubrey Schatz and Scott Hoffman are in their first full season at Hoxie Gorge Farm. They’re working the land with two handsome draft horses as well as raising sheep and cows. Photos from this small, diversified farm is a great glimpse into the life of two young farmers. And we’re absolutely loving their little cow videos lately.



Brooklyn Grange Farm

The Seeder: @brooklyngrange: Brooklyn Grange Farm. The world’s largest commercial rooftop soil farm right here in NYC, proving once and for all that rooftop agriculture works. www.brooklyngrangefarm.com/upcoming

Why we love @brooklyngrange: You read it right: this farm is on a NYC rooftop. The views are a bit different from the average farm, but they’re still incredibly successful with growing a variety of veggies, having laying hens and even beekeeping. Brooklyn Grange Farm is also a great event space and hosts many different workshops and classes. This urban farm is in the heart of it – talk about being accessible!



Andrea Bemis

The Seeder: @andreabemis: Dishing Up The Dirt. pacific northwest farmer + home cook. Tag your recipes #dishingupthedirt dishingupthedirt.com

Why we love @andreabemis: Not only does Andrea grow vegetables and have laying hens for a CSA and farmers market in Hood River, but she also creates beautiful dishes using her homegrown ingredients. This Instagram feed is a fun balance of shots from the field and what can be created with the day’s harvest. Her blog “Dishing Up The Dirt” features lots of recipes: breakfast, cocktails, salads, sauces and more.



Farmer Kelley

The Seeder: @farmerkelley: Eclectic Acres. We are a family farm that provides some of LA’s best chefs with pasture-raised chicken eggs, naturally grown produce and edible blossoms.

Why we love @farmerkelley: We first learned about Farmer Kelley through Chef Jeremy Fox’s (@chefjeremyfox) Instagram feed. We always love learning about small farms that are taking the time and care to grow for restaurants. Chefs are not always the easiest people to work with, but as many Seeders know, it is rewarding and feels amazing to make that Feeder-Seeder connection.

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