CSA Day 2016: February 26

A day to celebrate and sign up for Community Supported Agriculture

CSA Day 2016, a day celebrating CSA farms in the United States and Canada, is this Friday, February 26. Created by Small Farms Central, an online tool that helps farmers build websites and manage CSAs, CSA Day is meant to bring awareness to CSA farmers, educate eaters and encourage members to sign up for CSAs. Pulling data from hundreds of farms in their system, Small Farms Central has found that the most popular day for CSA sign ups is February 28th, which spurred the first National CSA Day in 2015.

Some other interesting facts from their studies in 2014 and 2015:

    1. The average CSA income increased from $30,342 to $35,443 from 2014 to 2015.
    1. The average retention rate of CSA members for farms with on-farm pick up is around 45% and on-farm pick-up is available in over 50% of CSAs
    1. In 2015, the goal value of a CSA box was $25.74, whereas the actual value of what was in each box was $47.21
    1. The average CSA memberships of a farm increased from 213 in 2014 to 400 in 2015


See the Small Farms Central website for full copies of the 2014 and 2015 reports.

As a farmer, this is how you can participate in Small Farm Central‘s CSA Day:

    1. Sign up for CSA Day updates on www.csasignupday.com
    1. Enter the video contest: As part of CSA Day, Small Farms Central is holding a video contest, asking farms to answer the question: What Does CSA Mean to You? Eight contest finalists have been selected and you can vote for your favorite until Thursday at midnight.
    1. Offer CSA Day Deals: Discounts, free merchandise and other deals are what make CSA Day attractive to your potential members.
    1. Post your CSA on the Small Farms Central CSA directory: All farms participating in CSA Day are registered in an online directory, searchable by US state and Canadian province. At the time of publication, there were 603 farms listed!
    1. RSVP to CSA Day 2016 on Facebook.
    1. Celebrate CSA: Let your members know that CSA Day is coming up. Use the hashtag #CSAday and publicize your promotions. There are many ways to celebrate CSA Day. Head to social media and ask your members why they love CSAs.

    CSA Day doesn’t mean you have to wait until Friday to sign up for a CSA. Check the Small Farms Central website to learn more about CSAs in your area. LocalHarvest.org is another great online directory for finding farms.
    For those of you in the Portland area, you might also consider attending the second annual CSA Share Fair, held at the Redd on Salmon St on March 19.

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