Instagram Round Up

16 Fascinating Plant Breeders, Seeders + Feeders on Instagram

For this month’s instagram round up, we’re highlighting 16 Seeders, Feeders + Breeders of the Culinary Breeding Network that are participating in this year’s Variety Showcase.

Not privvy to the Culinary Breeding Network? Check out founder Lane Selman’s LET um EAT Seeder profile. The Culinary Breeding Network Variety Showcase, coming up on Monday, October 3, is an annual event that brings together local and national plant breeders, farmers, chefs and eaters for an interactive mixer to build community and increase collaboration. Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out for this year’s event, but you can read about what’s cooking here and follow along with the hashtag #CBNVarietyShowcase and through these folks!


Seeders + Feeders


Seeder: Lane Selman, the Culinary Breeding Network
Bridging the Gap Between Breeders & Eaters.
*Lane is the woman who brings it all together. Possibly one of the most educational and interesting Instagram accounts one could follow!


Seeder: Uprising Seeds
Certified Organic, open pollinated seeds grown by us and and our network of amazing small family farms in the Pacific Northwest.


Feeder: Jason French, Ned Ludd, Portland
An American Craft Kitchen Wood Fired 5-10pm // 5 days a week Closed Monday & Tuesdays.
Proud brother of @elderhallpdx

Seeder: Adaptive Seeds
Pacific Northwest grown, open pollinated and organic seed.

Feeder: Jonny Hunter
Culinary Director at underground food collective, Madison

Feeder: Joshua McFadden
Chef Owner Ava Gene’s Co-Owner Tusk Co-Founder Submarine Hospitality

Seeder: Wild Garden Seed
We are an organic seed farm in the Pacific Northwest. We also breed laser cats.

Feeder: The Farmer’s Apprentice
Conscious nourishment. All welcome.

Musings of a Modern Pastry Luncheonette• Åpent Tues-Sat 10a to 7p• 921 SW Øak St, 97205•
Oui Fika!

Seeder: Experimental Farm Network
EFN is a cooperative network of plant breeders & volunteer growers that aims to fight climate change through collaborative agricultural research.

Feeder: Vince Nguyen, Jolie Laide

Feeder: Karl Holl
Growing for a better tomorrow

Feeder: Sarah Minnick
Queen of Pizza at Lovely’s Fifty Fifty PDX ???

Seeder: Mindy Blodgett, Full Table Farm
We grow, we forage, we eat. Growing exclusively for @bartartinesf.

Feeder: William Preisch & Joel Stocks, Holdfast Dining
Holdfast is a reservations only restaurant inside Fausse Piste winery.

Seeder: Organic Seed Alliance
Advancing the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed
through research, education, and advocacy.

And a Bonus Eater:


Eater: Shawn Linehan
Photographing small farm heros in the Pacific Northwest, based in Portland.

*Shawn Linehan often photographs with Lane Selman and for the Culinary Breeding Network and so we couldn’t help but include her as well!



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