Even Pull Farm, McMinnville, OR

Even Pull Farm


Even Pull Farm

Established: 2015

The Farm: 3 acres leased on a multi-generational family farm, 10 miles outside of McMinnville


What They Seed:

“We grow what we love to eat!” More than 100 varieties of vegetables, plus fruit and flowers for CSA members and restaurants in Yamhill County


Where You Can Find Them:

Farmers Markets: McMinnville (Thursday)
CSA: Full Farm, Vegetable, Flower or Market Shares
Wholesale: For Restaurants or Catering/Special Events

Feeders They Supply:
Restaurants: Thistle, Valley Commissary, Ruddick/Wood, Pura Vida, The Blue Goat, Jory, Nick’s, The Diner, The Barberry, Biscuit & Pickles Catering, The Painted Lady, Carlton Bakery


Their Story:

When asked how Beth Satterwhite and Erik Grimstad, the young duo behind Even Pull Farm, got into farming in the first place, Beth responds “it’s my fault”.

Beth hadn’t even considered farming as a career option before it came time to do her thesis in sociology at Linfield College in McMinnville. Her topic: CSA Farms and whether they help to develop community. Beth interviewed a number of farms and learned more about the trade; the farming bug bit and her passion for food took off. She worked at Yamhill County Action Partnership (YCAP, the local food bank) and did some non-profit and food policy work with Friends of Family Farmers. Through this work Beth met Aren of Yamhill River Farm, a small diversified farm outside of Sheridan. Aren hired her to join the Yamhill River Farm team and over the next two years Beth gained experience in field work, crop planning and working the farmers market and CSA programs. Eventually the itch grew to have a project of their own and in 2014 Beth and Erik caught wind of a land lease coming available just outside of McMinnville. That summer they dove in as first-generation farmers at Even Pull Farm.
Even Pull Farm
Even Pull Farm exists on a three acre corner of Christensen Farms, a multi-generational family farm that was historically a dairy. The old barn still exists on the property and now provides shelter for the walk-in refrigerator, the vegetable wash station and product and tool storage.

Beth and Erik grow over 30 vegetable crops (amounting to over 100 varieties!), a limited amount of fruit and a mix of cut flowers. They are passionate about sustainable farming and consider the soil and its health to be at the foundation of what they do. They use only natural fertilizers and control pests using row cover and other manual (non-chemical) methods. Even Pull Farm vegetables, fruit and flowers are sold through a 40 family CSA, the weekly McMinnville Farmers Market and to a number of restaurants in Yamhill County.

Erik, who also studied at Linfield College, works full time at McMinnville Wastewater Services. He puts in four days a week at his “day job” as an Operator and then the other three at the farm. Suffice to say Beth and Erik put in a lot of hours at the farm. In the height of the summer, they sometimes even camp in the field rather than driving back and forth to their home in McMinnville.

Now in their second season, the young farmers are evaluating their business and looking to find their niche. Beth and Erik love their CSA as growing for members in the community is deeply satisfying, plus it provides some security through the season. They also see a lot of potential for growth in selling to restaurants and expanding their flower program.

Regardless of how Even Pull Farm grows and evolves, it’s clear they will maintain their passion for the environment and continue to find motivation in providing members of their community access to high quality, nutritious food.


“What we stand for is what we stand on.”
“You can fit a lot in a Subaru”
“We are spent at the end of the day, but also know exactly what we accomplished, spent it in the open air and sunshine (or rain), and gathered something beautiful to eat at the end of the day. That is a truly amazing thing.”
“Pleasure is an aspect of food & eating that has been largely lost, and we think is worth rediscovering, one bite at a time.”


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