Eric Joppie, Bar Avignon, Portland, OR

Eric Joppie Bar Avignon

The Feeder: 

Eric Joppie, Bar Avignon

Established: Bar Avignon – 2008

What They Feed: 

Locally sourced Pacific Northwest ingredients (including those from their own Broken Fence Farm) prepared with rustic simplicity reminiscent of the French countryside

Seeders They Support:

Gathering Together Farm, Groundwork Organics, Baird Family Orchard, DeNoble Farm, Sauvie Island Organics, Waterleaf Farm

Their Story:

Sometimes an amazing food experience can inspire an entire change of path: being blown away by the restaurants on a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area confirmed Eric Joppie’s decision to leave business school and enroll in the California Culinary Academy. His culinary externship took him to London, which led to eating and drinking his way through Spain, France and Morocco prior to returning to the USA. His career started at Castagna in Portland, before moving to Marin County, California and spending the next few years really developing his style and deep appreciation for farmers and farm-to-table cooking.
In 2008, Eric opened Bar Avignon in Portland and his focus there is West Coast Cuisine with as much as 75% of the product used in the restaurant coming from local farms and farmers markets. He likes to use simple, old-world techniques and give diners a food experience that is familiar and comforting but different from what they could create at home.
Randy Goodman and Nancy Hunt, co-owners of Bar Avignon even have a garden at their property in Montavilla. Their “Broken Fence Farm” supplies the restaurant and is managed by one of the cooks. They love to get the other staff involved and out to visit too, which has been a great learning experience for everyone.
What Inspires: Chefs cooking the Bay Area, reading books, asking farmers “What do you like to grow?” and “What works well in your fields?”

Favorite Portland Farmers Markets: Portland State University (PSU), Buckman, Shemanski, Montavilla, Woodstock
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