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LETumEAT Harvest Dinner for Soter Vineyards

Soter Vineyards Harvest Dinner – September 28, 2014


On Sunday, September 28, the LETumEAT chefs prepared the 3rd and final dinner in the Soter Vineyards Harvest Dinner series in Carlton, OR. They made a point to source almost everything that was served from Soter Vineyards’ biodynamically farmed Mineral Springs Ranch: from the chicken and butternut squash to the yin yang beans and peppers. The leg of lamb was supplied by Atherton Farm (Dallas), the salmon was from Northwest Fresh Seafood (Newberg) and goat’s milk ice cream came from the Republic of Jam (Carlton).
Right before dessert came out we made a toast with Soter Vineyards 2006 Brut Rose to Tony Soter, who is celebrating his 40th harvest.

It was a great way to celebrate the end of the season with the Soters, as we’ve been working with them all year to preserve a lot of the bounty from the farm: ketchup, salsa, pickled and preserved everything! We’re looking forward to what this amazing relationship is going to bring in 2015.

See the menu from the night below and scroll through the gallery for some photos!
Also check out our recipe for the beautiful Beet Cured Salmon.

Chicken mortadella, carrot agro-dolce
Butternut squash arancini, romesco
Beet cured salmon, rye, pickles, dill

Just dug potatoes
Smoked meat, leeks, onions and all things allium

Grilled Atherton leg of lamb
Shelling bean ragout, pepper condimento
Lamb crostino, sunflower hearts

Spiced squash cake
Chardonnay poached pears
Republic of Jam goat’s milk ice cream
Candied Hazelnuts


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