5 Fav #Eaters of Instagram – May

Celebrating our favorite #Eaters on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through other people. These 5 Instagram #Eaters throw out some mouthwatering photos while eating through in their home cities, across the country and around the world.



The Eater: @originalfare: Original Fare. We are only getting wilder for S3! Catch up on all the best hunting, foraging and farming across the world now on PBS Food! #originalfare

Why we love @originalfare: Kelly Cox is a documentarian that travels around the US hanging with “chefs, hunters, moonshiners and other characters” in search of the best ingredients. She shares the stories of her adventures through her PBS show Original Fare. Kelly’s been duck hunting in North Carolina, crabbing in Washington, winemaking in California and foraging along the Oregon coast, among other things. The videos are interesting and informative and her Instagram feed is a good way to follow along and anticipate her next episodes. Be sure to watch Kelly’s most recent piece “Dirty Birds: A Story of Chickens in America”




The Eater: @paololucchesi: Paolo Lucchesi. San Francisco Chronicle

Why we love @paololucchesi: Paolo Lucchesi is the Scoop columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and was previously the editor for Eater SF and Eater National. Being responsible for writing breaking news in one of the most delicious cities in the country lends itself to some good meals and nice photos of them, to say the least. Follow Paolo and you’ll be in the know.




The Eater: @hugegaldones: Huge Galdones Professional Photographer. Cook. Glutton. Daddy. Montrealer in Chicago.

Why we love @hugegaldones: We just recently started following Huge and are now realizing that he knows all of the cool kids and can pop up anywhere at anytime. Whether he’s at a Cochon 555 in San Francisco, shooting for a James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef tour dinner or at the latest Boston restaurant opening he does an amazing job at capturing the beauty in the food and the personality and heart of his subjects. When Huge isn’t on the road or around his home city of Chicago taking photos he’s hanging at home with his family and two children (who look like they eat pretty well too!)




The Eater: @garythefoodie: OkiePDX

Why we love @garythefoodie: We’re pretty sure that all Gary does is eat, at least that’s what his Instagram feed would lead you to believe. Portland-based Gary the Foodie is at every restaurant and notable food event, all the time. He travels a fair share as well, and often posts multiple photos from each of his dining experiences. Follow him and prepare to be a wee bit jealous.




The Eater: @alifewortheating: Adam Goldberg. Editor in chief @driftmag and @ambrosiamagazine. i travel to eat and drink coffee. contact: [email protected]

Why we love @alifewortheating: The first thing Adam admits on his website is that he’s not a food critic nor a food professional. He’s actually a software engineer with a big appetite, sense of adventure and passion to share his experiences. He’s recently started two new magazines: Drift Magazine devoted to coffee culture and also involves one of our other favorite Instagram Eaters Ulterior Epicure; Ambrosia Magazine (due out this fall) will be more recipe driven and focus on culinary travel. It’s inspiring how Adam has turned his passion into a lifestyle for himself- definitely check him out @alifewortheating.

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