5 Fav #Eaters of Instagram – February

Celebrating our favorite #Eaters on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through other people. These 5 Instagram #Eaters throw out some mouthwatering photos while eating through in their home cities, across the country and around the world.



The Eater: @meatballssmama: KARI • MEATBALLSSMAMA photographer ° food stylist ° pdx art director @wearel_s_b meatballssmama.squarespace.com

Why we love @meatballssmama: Kari is all over Portland, all the time. She’s a photographer and food stylist as well as the art director for a communications and consulting agency called Lock Stock Barrel. We like her mix of food and music and we sure like her style. Next month, Kari and her partner at Lock Stock Barrel are even hosting their own food styling and photography workshop, iPhones only. Your chance to learn from the pros.




The Eater: @tablehopper: Marcia Gagliardi Creator of the tablehopper e-column, covering the SF dining + drinking scene (and beyond). On Tweatter: @tablehopper. More tips and sass here: http://www.tablehopper.com

Why we love @tablehopper: Tablehopper is the go-to source for restaurant news around San Francisco: from openings and reviews to gossip and events. Besides her own weekly newsletters, she also does freelance writing for other SF food columns and publications. Chances are she’s getting into that hot new restaurant in town before you or attending an event you didn’t get the invite for, so we’d recommend following her and taking notes.




The Eater: @wegolden: Lauren Godfrey Recipe tester and developer, food stylist, serial stagiaire, creative director and advisor, creator of wegolden.com http://wegolden.com

Why we love @wegolden: There’s something special about this spunky lady. Whether she’s creating delicious meals, testing recipes for notable cookbooks, or food styling, she’s always telling a story with her stunning photos. Check out her blog too: www.wegolden.com.




The Eater: @ericwolfinger: Eric Wolfinger hungry and on the move. http://www.ericwolfinger.com

Why we love @ericwolfinger: We first fell in love with Eric’s photos in the Flour + Water Pasta cookbook. For Eric, work is life and life is play; we have a hard time telling when he’s shooting photographs for work or is just out on his own adventures, eating beautiful food in beautiful places. Not a bad thing.




The Eater: @ulteriorepicure: ulterior epicure Broadcasting from my iPhone 6. http://www.ulteriorepicure.com

Why we love @ulteriorepicure: Whoever Ulterior Epicure is, he’s got it figured out. (His identity actually isn’t a secret anymore, even though he still doesn’t state his name on ulteriorepicure.com.) As a Kansas City attorney-turned-free agent Ulterior Epicure has toured the best restaurants in the world, documenting his experiences through photographs and on his blog. His hobby (or so-called obsession) started in 2004, long before Instagram was even around, but luckily you can find him @ulteriorepicure now.

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