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5 Fav #Eaters of Instagram – February

Celebrating our favorite #Eaters on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to learn what other people in the food community are up to. These 5 Instagram #Eaters throw out some delectable photos while eating through their home cities, across the country and around the world.



Good Food Jobs

The Eater: @goodfoodjobs: The mischief we get up to when not at our computers.

Why we love @goodfoodjobs: Trust us, we’re not on the market for new jobs. But that doesn’t mean we don’t follow the ever-inspiring Good Food Jobs. Not only are they the go-to national directory for meaningful employment in food, they’re creating an incredible community of Seeders, Feeders and Eaters; people that are passionate about the food revolution and are eager to do their part to make the world better for everyone. Follow @goodfoodjobs but also sign up for their newsletter, it’s one of our favorite weekly reads. These folks get it.



Sobre Mesa SF

The Eater: @sobremesasf: Liz Subauste. Restaurant consultant. Instagram professional. Rosé lover.

Why we love @sobremesasf: Liz has a good thing going on, if you’re into the absolute insanity that is involved in opening a restaurant. After putting in years as a general manager/social media maven/event planner/HR manager with the Flour + Water/Central Kitchen restaurant group in San Francisco, she changed her stride: restaurant consulting. In the past 3 years she’s done contracts to open Toro NYC, Kin Khao and Al’s Place. And it seems she’s doing something right as all of them are incredibly successful, including Al’s Place being named the Best New Restaurant in the country by Bon Appetit last year. When she’s not working her ass off, Liz enjoys an attractive looking restaurant industry life of traveling, eating extremely well, drinking rosé, half marathon training and soaking up the sun wherever it’s shining.



Kelly Allison Photography

The Eater: @kallisonphoto: kelly allison photography. Capturing portraits of food & life, Chicago & beyond. Co-founder @forthchicago & excessive amounts of coffee. [email protected]

Why we love @kallisonphoto: There’s no denying it: food photography is what makes the internet go around these days. Chicago-based lifestyle photographer Kelly Allison is doing her part, with emphasis on vibrant colors, coffee and consistently enticing food shots. We hope she gets to eat, or at least taste, everything she photographs. She is also co-founder of Forth Chicago, a creative women-led organization that hosts events fostering connection and community. Kelly has her hands (and her camera) in all the right places.



Rooting The Sun

The Eater: @rootingthesun: danielle is rooting the sun ☼ move the soil to move the soul & happy we eat • food and journal of the seasons

Why we love @rootingthesun: Danielle is new to us (H/T @ilanafreddye) but we dig her vibe. It’s clear that she simply loves sharing her adventures in life and food. Having recently transplanted to South Dakota, Danielle “took up horticulture as a necessary projection and extension of [herself].” She started her blog Rooting the Sun, just last summer, and uses it to share her musings and observations, recipes and inspiration she finds from the soil, the sun and her plants. Her instagram photos are sometimes whimsical, sometimes hunger-inducing, from freshly-picked raw vegetables to hearty winter stews. Follow Danielle through the seasons.




The Eater: @munchies: MUNCHIES Food by VICE Tag your food #EATMUNCHIES

Why we love @munchies: We remember when VICE Munchies was a video series that sent out cameras with a group of chefs, late-night, eating and drinking their way through a city. Needless to say it sometimes got messy. A few years ago they launched an entire Munchies channel, with videos, photos and articles spanning the “food universe”. And just as one would expect from VICE, they’re pushing the boundaries of food journalism: covering the diversity of Houston’s food scene and how to eat off the grid in LA right alongside Compton’s underground restaurant and activists setting up a roadside kitchen for European refugees. There’s good reason they have 185k followers. Hop on.

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