5 Fav #Eaters of Instagram – May

Celebrating our favorite #Eaters on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to learn what other people in the food community are up to. These 5 Instagram #Eaters throw out some delectable photos while eating through their home cities, across the country and around the world.




The Eater: @lilaatethis: Lila Martin. Eater, traveler, connector. Independent food, beverage and hospitality publicist. From Kaua’i, living it up in Oregon.

Why we love @lilaatethis: Lila has become a great friend of LET um EAT here in Oregon. Our paths are constantly crossing since Lila is so involved in the food, beverage and restaurant world and it seems we like all the same people! Lila has worked in public relations in Portland for a number of years and now does freelance publicist work for some awesome restaurants and establishments. One of those being her partner Christian DeBenedetti’s newly opened Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery in Newberg, which we’re big fans of. Follow @lilaatethis to get in the know about the who’s who and what’s what in the Portland food scene.




The Eater: @lucialitman: lucy litman. Still playing with my food and doing stuff @allbirds | ? San Francisco

Why we love @lucialitman: Lucia reminds us not to take food so seriously. No matter how you dress is up, photograph it or eat it, it’s still just food. Not only can it be playful, but it’s also very colorful, which Lucia has a fun time showing off with her food pantones. If you’re looking to get the occasional silly smile out of your Instagram feed, follow @lucialitman.



Chew and Taste

The Eater: @chewandtaste: Chew And Taste | mindful eating | photography | my name is Emily I live in Portland | [email protected]

Why we love @chewandtaste: We met Emily through a mutual friend in Portland and were fascinated with her concept and mission to teach people about mindful eating. It makes perfect sense: not only should people be educated, aware and appreciate where their food is coming from and how it was prepared, but they should take the time to focus their attention and really savor the food they consume. Emily’s blog, Chew and Taste, shares her own recipes and experience with practicing mindful eating and creating a joyful relationship with food.



Life and Thyme

The Eater: @lifeandthyme: Life & Thyme. A print & online publication documenting food culture around the globe. Shop our mag: Snapchat: lifeandthyme

Why we love @lifeandthyme: Life and Thyme started in 2012 as a blog focused on sharing the stories of food culture around the globe through cinematic short films, longform essays, interviews and photography. Just last year they launched their swoon worthy print quarterly, which has only expanded their reach. While based in Los Angeles, they have a network of over 100 writers, photographers and filmmakers that span the world, capturing the lesser told stories in one of the most beautiful ways we’ve seen. This statement from their website resonates with us indeed: “We love food, but we love people more. And without their stories, food is only fuel.”



Alex Grossman

The Eater: @alxgrossmn: Alex Grossman. Creative Director at Bon Appetit

Why we love @alxgrossmn: Inevitably the creative director of Bon Appetit Magazine eats well, but it turns out it does an amazing job at documenting it too. Alex Grossman’s travels take him across the country and beyond, to the best restaurants and some of the most exotic places. We can’t help but follow along.

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