Darius Jones, Heritage Supperclub, Oregon

Heritage Supperclub

The Feeder:

Darius Jones, Heritage Supperclub

What They Feed:

a pop-up dinner series based on Old World cooking methods and techniques, in Portland and beyond

Seeders & Feeders They Support:

Gathering Together Farm, Lower Valley Growers Network, Baird Family Orchards, Newman’s Fish Company, Flying Fish Company, Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, Denison Farms, DeNoble Farms, Nicky Farms, Tails N Trotters, Nossa Familia Coffee, Jacobsen Sea Salt

Their Story:


Darius Jones is a prime example of a young, modern, revolutionary chef. He does it all: from sourcing local ingredients to using old school methods and utensils. He can put together a beautiful dinner for 200 as well as cook at a fly-in camp for 25, all the while showcasing his integrity and dedication to the ingredients and their producers.

Darius developed his passion for food and cooking as a young child. He would spend summers along the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin at his grandparents’ home. He would spend hours picking raspberries, strawberries, apples and rhubarb and then would make pies and tarts from scratch. He learned to cook alongside his mother and grandmother. Darius never realized how to accomplish his goals as a chef and a farmer until now, with Heritage Supperclub.

Chef Darius Jones of Heritage Supperclub focuses on old world techniques including cooking over fire.
Chef Darius Jones of Heritage Supperclub focuses on old world techniques including cooking over fire.

Heritage Supperclub was born from the ideology of cooking by way of the old world, while cooking off grid in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon at a recreational lodge. There were no roads and all of the provisions had to be flown in by a pilot contractor. He soon realized that he could not cook as if he was in a restaurant kitchen, because that simply was not the case. He started looking at his ingredients and products entirely different including eggs, dairy products, whole animals and vegetables. Darius started to understand his responsibilities and duties as a chef. Food was precious and every part of the animal or vegetable had to be used. He became more interested in food waste and started running a zero waste kitchen, creating new and inventive dishes from the excess food, or by-product. He worked closely with a local farm, that was a thirty-minute flight away, which became his primary source of ingredients.

Darius soon felt the desire to share his dinners with a greater audience, that wouldn’t have to hike 9 ½ miles or fly in. So after two years at in the Wallowa Mountains he took it upon himself to take the experience he offered to Portland via a series of pop up dinners, Heritage Supperclub. The supperclub continues to be focused on Old World cooking methods and techniques, including cooking over fire, while reducing food waste.

Started in early 2016, the popularity of Heritage Supperclub is growing. Events are hosted a couple of times a month in various locations around Portland. Eventually, Darius would like to host events twice a week, about 8 to 9 months of the year. His long term goal would also be to expand out of Oregon into Washington, Idaho, California and Mississippi.

After his time spent off grid as a wilderness chef, Darius no longer desired the brick and mortar standard as a restaurateur. He wanted the freedom of movement to start a meal from scratch anywhere, in any setting. Having fallen in love with the in-depth techniques and flavors of old world cooking, he no longer desired the sterile formula of a standard menu, a $100,000 kitchen, and wanted to be able to create an experience that puts the customer in the kitchen, with the chef, so they can enjoy it together. Engaging more intimately with his guests and using the best ingredients available through the community, he aims to make every dinner deeply personal and fulfilling beyond industry standard of what a restaurant is. Heritage Supperclub allows Darius to do just that.

Inspirational Seeders, Feeders & Eaters: Deb Reth (Founder of the Lower Valley Growers Network), David & Sue Ann Dumke (Brule River Farm, WI), Cree Bradley (Chelsea Morning Farm, MN), Gathering Together Farm & Restaurant (Philomath, OR), Tristram Stuart (Food Waste Activist & Author), Tom Colicchio (Chef & Food Waste Activist), Chef Francis Mallman (Master Argentinean Chef & Cookbook Author), Let Um Eat, Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon & Little Bird (Portland, OR), Sean Brock of Husk Restaurant (Charleston, SC), Dan Barber (Chef & Author of The Third Plate), Grant Achatz of Alinea (Chicago, IL), Magnus Nilsson of Faviken (Sweden)

Advice to New Feeders: To always be humble, respectful, to keep an open mind and trust your instinct. To practice building your community and to always being willing to learn & grow.

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