Gregory Gourdet

Top Chef Gregory Gourdet Gets Flipped in Red Bull Plane Video

Updated Feb 10: The Top Chef finale featuring Gregory Gourdet and Mei Lin is tomorrow night: Wednesday, February 11 on Bravo. A preview clip on shows Gregory up in a hot air ballon with Mei Lin. Between the hot air balloon and this Red Bull plane ride, Gregory’s been seeing a lot of air time lately!

How does Chef Gregory Gourdet handle being flipped in a plane as the world spins around? This is what Red Bull Air Race World Champion Kirby Chambliss wanted to know.

With a bunch of smiles and laughter…and maybe a few screams along the way. Even when your job is to cook in front of millions of onlookers in the heat of a kitchen, performing some aerobatic maneuvers a few thousand feet above the ground can make anyone’s nerves boil over.

LETumEAT Feeder, Chef Gregory is in the finale of Top Chef Season 12, competing against fellow Portland chef Douggie Adams (Imperial) and Mei Lin (ink, Los Angeles) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Part two of the three-part finale airs tonight on Bravo.

Gregory is also hosting Chefs Week PDX kicking off tomorrow through Sunday which brings together 30 different chefs from all over the west coast to collaborate on various dinners and events around the city. Other LETumEAT Feeders including Joshua McFadden (Ava Genes) and Jason French (Ned Ludd) are also involved in the festivities.

It’s a big week Gregory! Good luck and have a blast!!


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