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LET um EAT Feeders Timber City Ginger Beer are crowdfunding to help their Seattle-based ginger beer business expand and they need your help! Now two years into their business, Kara Patt and Kyle McKnight have seen great success with selling their spicy ginger brew to happy customers at Seattle farmers markets, as well as to bars, restaurants and retailers. Up until now they’ve been self-funded, without any bank loans, and they’re now to the point where an extra influx of cash would make a big difference in taking Timber City Ginger Beer to the next level.

“We truly care about the impact that our business has upon our community’s health and vitality. We have made every effort to not only buy locally, but also advertise and promote for the small farms and businesses we passionately support through direct customer sales and on all our media platforms. The financial risks we have taken by not going to large corporations for our supplies have only helped build trust, love, loyalty, and support from our customers and purveyors.”
– Kara Patt, Timber City Ginger Beer

What They Need


  • The hoses, valves, and attachments that will make their fermentation tanks run smoothly and dispense like a charm
  • 1 Hobart buffalo chopper for the processing of the pounds of fresh ginger they use in every brew
  • And they REALLY need more kegs! An increase in production and distribution means that they need 40 new keg shells, in every size from 1/6 barrel to 1/2 barrel
  • Can size has been a hurdle for them, (the big 32 oz crowlers are a tricky retail sell), but they are now going to be able to produce enough to entice a mobile canning unit to come and visit
  • 1 glycol system which will enable them to keep all of the ginger beer in their tanks nice and chilly

 Timber City Ginger Beer
They’ve got great rewards including big cans of their delicious ginger beer, drinking vinegars, Timber City beanies and exclusive invitations to a Timber City BBQ. Check out their Indiegogo page, watch their video to learn more and make your contribution to these wonderful members of The Collective!

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