LET um EAT Dinner with the Fruit Bats at Pickathon 2016!

Summer is the season for music festivals, eating outside, sunshine and fun with friends. All things considered, Pickathon, an annual music festival held on the beautiful Pendarvis Farm outside of Portland, sounds like the quintessentially perfect summer experience.

This year for the first time Pickathon is offering a special lineup of food, music, and drink experiences called the “Curation Series”. In collaboration with LET um EAT Feeder Jason French of Ned Ludd, six local chefs and select Pickathon artists, festival attendees can participate in an intimate concert and dining event, each only open to 55 guests.

From the Pickathon website:

The idea behind each of the six different adventures goes as follows:
Jason French starts the curation process by recruiting six world-class PNW chefs.
Pickathon curates a musical pick to pair with the chef.
Jason French then curates local food provider(s) based on the chef and band.
The Chef conceptualizes the menu based on discussions with the band and food provider.
Pickathon, Jason, and the chef curate a mixologist based on the menu and the music.
Pickathon designs a beautiful setting based on the all the above.

Fruit Bats
Leah and Karl of LET um EAT with Eric D Johnson of the Fruit Bats.
LET um EAT is excited to be paired up with Eric D. Johnson of the Fruit Bats to kick off the Curation Series on Thursday, August 4! Other Curation experiences through the weekend include LET um EAT Feeders Andrew Evan Mace with the Boulevards and Josh McFadden of Ava Gene’s with The Deslondes. See the full schedule & details below.

A week ago we met with Eric over beer at The Commons Brewery to get to know each other and discuss the menu. Turns out Eric’s a pretty easy-going guy when it comes to food and he loved the menu that was presented. He also said pickles and fermented things are possibly some of his favorite foods, which means we’ll get along great. The Thursday night concert will actually be the first time the Fruit Bats have performed in Portland in four years – all the more reason to celebrate!

So join us! Tickets are still available on the Pickathon website. If you’re not in the Portland area and attending Pickathon this weekend, you can follow along on social media @Pickathon, @LETumEAT, @fruit_bats or #Pickathon!


Dinner With LET um EAT & The Fruit Bats


    Squash and basil arancini, smoked tomato skin aioli
    Pickled potato salad, marigold-herb vinaigrette, farm egg, lambchetta
    Pickled beets, marinated grains, cucumbers, dill yogurt, chive blossoms
    Grilled pancetta wrapped chicken skewers, fermented ramp aioli, allium crispies


Pickathon Curation Series

Thursday Dinner (7 – 8:30pm) at the Old Farmhouse
Chef: Karl Holl of Let Um Eat
Band: Fruit Bats

Friday Brunch (10am – noon) in the Backyard Bowl
Chef: Jaret Foster of Tournant
Band: I Draw Slow

Friday Dinner (7 – 8:30pm) at the Old Farmhouse
Chef: Andrew Evan Mace
Band: Boulevards

Saturday Brunch (10am – noon) in the Backyard Bowl
Chef: Joshua McFadden of Ava Gene’s
Band: The Deslondes

Saturday Dinner (7 – 8:30pm) at the Old Farmhouse
Chef: Mike Delaney of Ned Ludd
Band: Cory Henry

Sunday Brunch (10am – noon) in the Backyard Bowl
Chef: Johanna Ware of Small Wares
Band: C.W. Stoneking

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