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Kickstarting The Pasta Gardner’s Oregon Pasta Project

UPDATE August 27: Congratulations to Jeff on meeting and surpassing his Kickstarter goal!

The Oregon Pasta Project is a Kickstarter Campaign by Jeff Gardner of The Pasta Gardner, a small pasta company out of Eugene, Oregon. Read more about his company and campaign and back this Feeder in his effort to grow his business, provide a superior product to Eaters and support local Seeders!

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Jeff spent time overseas and across the country at school and in restaurant kitchens, gaining the experience and knowledge of Italian cuisine. When he returned home in 2013, he went on a hunt for a local mill that he could source flour from to make pasta and eventually connected with Hunton’s Farm and Camas Country Mill. A third generation family farm outside of Eugene, Hunton’s Farm has recently taken greater interest in growing more organic grains and legumes. In 2011 they imported a stone grist mill and Camas Country Mill was born. Since connecting a couple of years ago, Jeff has been working with Camas Country Mill, testing the flours and providing feedback so they are of great culinary quality.

Pasta Gardner
The Pasta Gardner’s motto

In May 2014 he started his company “The Pasta Gardner” with a P55 Dominioni pasta extruder that he managed to haggle down in price from an importer at a tradeshow. Jeff started by selling his pastas at the Lane County Farmers Market and a few small stores in Eugene. The company has grown quickly and demand has increased. He’s ready to expand and needs a bigger pasta machine to up his production, so he’s started a Kickstarter for “The Oregon Pasta Project.” Jeff’s goal is to raise $26,000, which will fund the purchase and implementation of a new, higher production extruder. His current production is about 20 lbs of pasta per hour and he’s expecting that to increase to about 100 lbs per hour with the new machine. The old machine will be dedicated to gluten free pasta, which he is in the process of testing.

By supporting Jeff’s Oregon Pasta Project Kickstarter you’ll be helping his small business to grow, which also supports Pacific Northwest farms growing high quality food grains and keep them in the community.

Watch his video below and follow this link to back Jeff’s project. Some of the rewards include fresh pasta (of course!), recipes, pasta classes, tastings and even a special private dinner.


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