Fast Food Restaurants Are Coming Clean

The fast food industry is hearing consumers’ cries for transparency and quality in their food. Big chains are cleaning up their menus, getting rid of antibiotic-fed meats, GMOs and offering healthier options. In recent months there have been multiple announcements from the likes of Chipotle, Panera and McDonalds on how they are improving their menus for the masses. For some of these major corporations it’s speculated to be a media grab, while others are probably responding to recent declines in sales and forced store closures. Regardless, these issues are spending more time in the spotlight and that can only lead to increased education and awareness.
Check out our round up below.


Panera Is The Latest To Drop Artificial Ingredients From Its Food [NPR]
Panera Press Release and the Actual “No No” List [Panera]


Chipotle now free of GMO-ingredients [Today]

Carl’s Jr

Carl’s Jr. to roll out ‘natural’ burger [USA Today]


McDonald’s Moving to Limit Antibiotic Use in Chickens [NY Times]
McDonald’s Southern California restaurants testing kale [Reuters]


Chick-fil-A to serve chicken without antibiotics [USA Today]
Chick-Fil-A Press Release [Chick-Fil-A]


Wendy’s to try first organic product: Tea [USA Today]
Wendy’s now testing veggie burgers too [Columbus Biz Insider]

Boston Market

Boston Market aims to prove ‘fast food’ can be healthy too [Yahoo News]

Burger King

Burger King drops sodas from kids’ meal menus [TODAY]


Subway to remove chemical from bread [CNN]

Photo Credit: Ilana Freddye

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