Dan Barber’s The Third Plate Inspirational Words: The Introduction

Only a few chapters into The Third Plate, Dan Barber’s latest book but couldn’t resist sharing some excerpts that so beautifully articulate a worldview that the MilkRun community shares in.

For the Seeders:

“To grow natureĀ is to encourage more of it. That’s not easy to do. More nature means less control. Less control requires a certain kind of faith, which is where the worldview comes into play. Do you see the natural world as needing modification and improvement, or do you see it as something to be observed and interpreted? Do you view humans as a small part of an unbelievably complicated and fragile system, or do you view us as the commanders? The farmers in this book are observers. They listen. They don’t exert control.”

For the Feeders:

“Today’s food culture has given chefs a platform of influence, including the power, if not the luxury, to innovate. As arbiters of taste, we can help inspire a Third Plate, a new of eating that puts is all together

That’s a tall order for any chef, not to mention eaters, but its an intuitive one as well. Truly great flavor- the kind that produces plain old jaw-dropping wonder-is a powerful lens into the natural world because taste breaks through the delicate things we can’t see or perceive. Taste is a soothsayer, a truth teller. And it can be guided in re imagining our food system, and our diets, from the ground up.”

That ladies and gents is just from the introduction of the book we are all having trouble putting down these days.

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