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5 Fav #Feeders of Instagram – July

Celebrating our favorite #Feeders on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to learn what other people in the food community are up to. These 5 #Feeders cook, eat and live well, to say the least. If you don’t follow them already, you sure should.



Bee Local

The Feeder: @BeeLocal: Bee Local. Our mission is to provide customers w/ the most trusted, transparently-sourced and delicious place-based honeys in America, from sea to shining sea.

Why we love @BeeLocal: Damian, Ryan and the Bee Local team sure are on a mission. It’s incredible to see all of the places they’re putting hives: in farm fields, orchards and backyards, even on rooftops. They share beautiful photos of bees and offer some great information about beekeeping and the integrity of their honey. What’s started in neighborhoods in Portland is quickly expanding across the state of Oregon and into other cities like Austin and NY. Check it out- we’re sure you’ll agree that Damian is pretty much a bee whisperer.



Al's Place

The Feeder: @alsplacesf: Al’s Place.

Why we love @alsplacesf: There was a lot of anticipation around Aaron London’s restaurant finally opening in the Mission district of San Francisco. We knew he’d been dreaming up something special since leaving the dearly-missed Ubuntu a few years ago, but who knew it would be as magical as Al’s Place. The menu is heavy on vegetables with accents of seafood and plenty of imagination. The Al’s Place Instagram feed gives you a lot of insight into the restaurant: the staff, the ingredients and what goes on front of the house and behind the scenes. Follow along and definitely make sure to visit next time you’re in the neighborhood.



Heirloom LA

The Feeder: @Sarah4HeirloomLA: Sarah Delevan. Food Sourcing Manager at @HeirloomLA, which basically means that I get to go to a lot of farms. #ilovemyjob

Why we love @Sarah4HeirloomLA: Some people have the coolest jobs: Sarah’s is to go to shopping at farmers markets and farms and buy beautiful ingredients for the Los Angeles restaurant Heirloom LA. Expect photos of tomatoes, melons, figs, berries, corn, beets and purslane and the occasional snapshot of the finished product on plates in the restaurant. The restaurant has a great blog Yolk and Flour where they chat with Sarah about her market finds, who grew them, why she loves them and how they might be used.



Matthew Jennings

The Feeder: @matthewjennings: Matthew Jennings. FOR VICE & VIRTUE. Father/Husband/Cook. Find me @townsmanboston or @matthewjennings on Twitter.

Why we love @matthewjennings: Matthew Jennings is a great chef with a lot of love for his restaurant, his food, his staff and his family. It comes through loud and proud on his Instagram feed, and if you follow him you likely can’t help but want to be his friend. He’s been crushing it at his recently opened Boston restaurant, Townsman, which we wish was a little closer to LET um EAT HQ so we could hang there too. From what we can tell, Matt also has pretty awesome taste in music and shoes.



Lovely's Fifty Fifty

The Feeder: @SarahMinnick_: Queen of Pizza at Lovely’s Fifty Fifty PDX

Why we love @SarahMinnick_: We recently connected with Sarah over Instagram and anise hyssop. Turns out she goes through a lot of it and we couldn’t help but stop in and give her a little sample from the LET um EAT Farm and introduce ourselves. Sarah’s Instagram feed is full of beautiful local ingredients and delicious looking pizzas, you can’t go wrong. We’re looking forward to getting to know her more, online and in person!

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